Things Husbands Do

When our 20 month old daughter gets sick, I become completely useless. I don't know what it is but I panic!

Luckily we have been blessed with a very healthy child and aside from the occasional upset tummy, we are happy to report that all is well.

A few nights ago she woke up in the middle of the night, crying, covered in vomit.

I froze.

"She threw up!" I declared.

My husband comes in behind me. Silent. He immediately scooped her up, calmed her down and started to clean her up and change her jammies.

He sat down with her and comforted her as the same scenario repeated over and over.

He became the vomit-catcher and baby-calmer. And I was the clean up lady. And we make an excellent team.

It was so comforting to know that he was there for her, for me... for us.

I am so happy to have him as my partner in this journey we call parenthood.

Honey, you're the best dad EVER!

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  1. I'm so happy to know that someone is like me and my husband is like yours! I'm so thankful for my husband as well!

    I will vote for you...hope you'll vote for me too!

  2. Awww that is so sweet. Knock on wood, but in the three years and 2 kids that we have had, we have only had one throw up night. It was Christmas Eve when my son was almost one. Terrified me. Thank Goodness I have a calm best friend! (Daddy was annoying me by being TOO calm)

  3. Steph - I am also glad to hear I'm not alone! And thanks for voting! Of course I'll vote for you too!!!

    Vicki- Knock on wood! ANd yes, I too get annoyed when daddy is too calm. But that is enough material for a post (or several) of it's own.

  4. The photo is just beautiful and I love that he has that tender, nurturing side!

  5. There is nothing like a solid partner! My husband is the same way. A rock of calm throughout every storm.

    Great pic!!!

  6. That is so sweet :) And the picture....melts my heart! :)

  7. Definitely a keeper! I love a man who knows how to comfort a child and deal with vomit at the same time. Those are the qualities all daddies should have!

  8. That's so wonderful to hear what a great dad your husband is. Glad he's there and you balance each other out. Love the picture too!

  9. I love this post. The picture. The everything.

    Leo is our calm, level headed one around here, too...


  10. Now that is one wonderful dad! My hubby would vomit if he smelled vomit, so the job of clean-up and comfort always fell to me.


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