Cupcake Animals: Perfect For Easter or a Birthday Party

In my opinion, there is nothing more delicious than a cupcake.
And nothing is more adorable than an Animal Cupcake!
Instructions on how to make these delicious goodies can be found at the Disney Family website.

They suggest you make these for Easter but I think they would be a an excellent idea for a kiddie birthday party as well!

Will you be making any special treats this Easter?

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  1. That looks delicious and fun! I might attempt the duck. How can I resist?

  2. those are so cute! We usually put peeps in the microwave for entertainment at Easter. You'd be amazed how big they get!

  3. Very cute! This week I will be attempting to make Greek Easter cookies. I hope they turn out@

  4. Those look great. I made a few attempts myself, but I couldn't even get something to resemble a cupcake.

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