April Fools' is Around the Corner: Are You a Prankster?

I love practical jokes. Especially when they are not played on me!

April Fools' gives us a free-pass to get a little silly for a day and have a 'legitimate' excuse.

It's hard to pull a prank on a toddler but I remember my parents had tons of fun pranking me! So if you have an older child you are going to LOVE these... Printable Pranks for April Fools'

How about providing your kids with some 'proof' that they are from outer space with an Alien Birth Certificate? Or casually setting on the table the Chore Camp Brochure and letting your kids find it?

Have fun!

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  1. That is so cute! Girl - LOVING the new blog design! You are so talented!

  2. Love these! I think I'll be using the Chore Camp one on my girls someday.

  3. I love the Chore Camp Brochure!!!


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