10 Things You Need to Know to Have a Successful Blog

Blogging may start as a way to connect with moms with similar interests but as time passes, you realize that it also has the potential to generate some income. But just because you have a blog doesn’t mean that money and free products are going to come rolling in.

There are many factors that contribute to making your blog successful, from the quality of your writing to the design of your blog. But what does it take exactly to become a successful mommy blogger?
This is the question that I have been seeking answers to and have been applying my findings to my own blog. So here is what you really need to know in order to get your blog on the path to success.

1-     Good Design. And by good design, I don’t mean just a pretty looking blog. Adding a little blog ‘eye candy’ will definitely score you some points but you also need to consider carefully where you place things such as ads. Yes, your kids are adorable but you can share those pictures in your About section and leave the sidebar for ad space. It has been proven that the less cluttered your sidebar is, the more likely it is that someone will click on an item in your sidebar.
2-     Good Writing. The quality of your writing will ultimately determine how successful you become. Well written posts will spark interest in PR agents and generate return readers. As moms, we deal with and write about similar issues. You need to make sure that your writing style stands out. Your posts should be engaging and free of grammatical errors.
3-     Track Your Blog. I cannot stress enough how important this is! Numbers talk the talk, people! Knowing your stats can help you promote yourself to potential advertisers by showing them the amount of exposure they will receive on your blog. It’s also a fantastic tool for you as a blogger. You can see what types of posts really spark an interest in your readers.
4-     Monetize Your Blog. You can join several ad networks and generate some extra income through affiliate programs. I have joined Google Affiliate Network and LinkShare. I also joined Juice Box Jungle recently. AdSense is also a great resource to monetize your blog. And now that Amazon has partnered with Blogger to offer Amazon Associates directly on your Blogger dashboard, this is absolutely no excuse for you NOT to monetize your blog.
5-     Link Exchange. Connect with other bloggers and exchange links. One of the factors Google takes into consideration when it calculates page rank is the amount (and quality) of outbound links to your site. The more links, the better.
6-     Post Regularly. Posting regularly also generates outbound links to your blog. The more you post, the more outbound links you create. Posting regularly also ensures that readers return often because you are providing new content for them to read. You can read more about this in my article, Posting Every Day: Can it Really Increase Your Traffic?
7-     Find Your Niche. I am still struggling with this one. But finding your niche can prove to be fruitful because you can carve your own little space in the blogosphere. You can become the ‘go to’ blogger for whatever topic you chose to blog about.
8-     Create relationships. You need the support of your fellow bloggers in order to get ahead. Create lasting relationships by following blogs regularly, collaborating, guest posting or providing help when asked.
9-     Become Part of a Community. Joining sites like Mom Bloggers Club and Mom Blog Network can help you build friendships, find answers and get your blog out there. Blog hops are also a great option when it comes to becoming part of a community of bloggers.
10- Professionalism. If you are contacted by a PR agent to review a product, respond in a timely manner and don’t share their information with other bloggers. If you think that another blogger might be interested in a specific campaign, give the PR agent their contact information and let them decide if they want to contact this person or not.

I’ll be exploring these points in detail in later posts and I would love to hear what you have to say. Have you already done any of the items listed here? Do you have any advice you would like to share?


  1. Thank you for a well written article. I have only been blogging for two months, and I am loving it.

    I took Blogging for Dummies out of the library, and it has also been helpful. It doesn't tell me, however, hot to do certain things, like make tabs at the top, make a button, get Facebook and RSS buttons at the top, etc.

    I wrote about what I have learned in an article on Infobarrel. (http://www.infobarrel.com/Getting_Started_in_the_World_of_Mommyblogging)

    There is so much MORE to know, as soon as I master it, I plan on sharing. Infobarrel has helped me with some of the basics. I want mine to look pretty, like yours!

    Thank you, and I look forward to seeing your other articles about this.

  2. how do you track the visitors to your blog???

  3. You mean I have to work at this? What the heck?hee hee

  4. Wow, do I have work to do (-:

    Awesome post girl!!

  5. I'm so tired. Can you write my blog for me?

    Great tips!

  6. Amanda stole my comment! Although, I would add that number 11 is have an awesome online friend who makes you feel like a superstar, because that helps a lot.

    (Handed out some business cards today - and I was so proud of how great they looked! Woohoo!)

  7. its so well written article.its really marvellous wonderfully written tips to start with the work............

  8. Yup! Hate to break it to you but blogging is serious business!

    To track your visitors you can use Google Analytics. More on that soon!

    Xenia - I am so excited that your business cards turned out fab! So glad I was able to help!!!

  9. This is great information. I am new to the personal mommy blogging world and am still finding my way through the maze. This really sums everything up. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I look forward to reading more of your informative posts.

  10. I love blogging. And I looove my awesome blog layout. This incredible woman did it for me. Maybe you know her? :-)

    I should change things up...I would love to make money off my blog. But with everything going on...I have no time to do ANY of those steps. :-(

    I don't have time to post, yet less read my friends' blogs. I don't think I have been by here in MONTHS!!! I am sorry, friend.

  11. Great post! I really like Juicebox Jungle. I like it when you do these informative posts.

  12. I especially like the last one. Professionalism is so important at every level to achieve success in WAG endeavors. So many people think WAH means hardly work at all. Putting a business plan into place even for a work online business just like you would for a regular business will assure success in achieving WAH goals.

  13. These are some great tips. I agree that finding your niche can be a diffult one and I am also struggling wiht that. I have so much I want to talk about it is hard to narrow it down and also find the time. What has helped me is looking at my stats. Because it shows what content is the most popular among your readers. For my blog it seems the different posts I write on sex and money get the most views.

    Thanks again for the tips

  14. Great info! I agree with ALL of them 100%.

    One of my biggest pet peeves is spelling/grammar. As in "their, there, they're", "our, are", etc. It kills me, haha! I know an occasional slip up will happen--it's the ones who continuously do it.


  15. Great tips! I think becoming part of a community makes it most fun. It seems to the best place to get to know others quickly and make blogging friends.

  16. Thanks for those great tips and advice! I'm wondering, if you have AdSense, can you also do product reviews, and also do the Amazon-thing? I just signed up with AdSense but would love to get into product reviews and since I'm a loyal customer myself to Amazon, would love to utilize that too but don't want to get "in trouble" with AdSense. thanks for any info!!!

    jeanette from www.sweetjeanette.com

  17. To me finding your niche is one of the most challenging aspects of blogging. Hopefully the longer I stick with it the easier it will become.

  18. Thank you. I always thought about creating my own personal blog, but I guess I never got to it. I don't know if I can come with something interesting to say everyday.


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