Wild Thing: 3 Steps to Taming Your Inbox

* Today is day #8 of my 28 days of blogging.
* Updated.

Your inbox can get out of control, fast! One day everything's fine, the week later you have 77 unread messages.

I read all of my emails when they come in but if they require me to reply or do something that I can't do at that moment, I mark it as unread so that I can get to it at a later time. But I never get to it because new emails keep coming in!

Show do you tame this beast? I have the answer!

1- Create a folder within your email account. Call it the "Action Required" or something similar.
This is where you will be storing all of those incoming emails that require you to take an action.

2- Set aside at least 30 minutes and grab a notepad. You will ONLY read those pending emails during those 30 minutes. Nothing else. Sit down with your notepad and go through all of your unread emails, jotting down everything that you need to do to get them cleared.

3- If you can take care of the email at this time, do it. If not, make a note of what needs to be done and move the email to the folder you created earlier, the "Action Required" folder.

Now you've organized your inbox AND you have a to-do list to tackle so that you can actually take care of those emails, once and for all.

But you need to keep this up! Every time you get a new email that requires an action from you, jot it down and move it to the "Action Required" folder or you'll be right back where you started! And remember to set aside 30 minutes each week, preferably on the same day and time each week, so that you can keep on top of your "Action Required" folder.

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  1. More great tips, but I what happens when you forget to check the Action folder!

    I have a real folder onmy desk - "Things To File" yep, my daughter's report card from 1st grade is in there. She is in the 4th grade now ;-))

  2. I have to agree, forgetting to check the Action Required folder seems to be an issue that I have problems with. I like the idea of marking emails unread again though, that would help me get back to them.

    By the way, I heard Empire State Of Mind this morning as I was getting dressed and I totally thought of you! :)

  3. Xenia and Girl Next Door Grows Up: You are absolutely right! I have updated the post to include the most important part about maintenance.

    You need to set aside 30 mins each week to go through your folder! Doing it at the same time each week will ensure that you don't forget it!

  4. I have one called "reply to". I mostly forget to check it though.
    I end up leaving them in my in box until I reply.
    But, I don' have nearly as many as you.

    I voted. But, omg, some of those bitches have over two thousand votes. wtf.
    something's fishy there.

  5. e.g. I leave yours in the in box so I remember to vote every day.
    when does it end?

  6. LOL! Gregory, you are sooooo funny!
    The Top Mommy Blogs thing just never ends!

  7. I'm guilty of doing the exact same thing you do!!!!

  8. Awesome tips. I don't even mark mine as read. I simply go along and then have to reread and remember what it was! I think I will try this, though! I heard somewhere that if a task will take two minutes or less you are supposed to do it immediately.


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