Things Husbands Do...

* Today is day #7 of my 28 days of blogging.

I work 2 to 3 days a week out of the home to keep the money coming in until my business actually starts to generate some moola.

On Friday, I came home to find this.

My beautiful daughter in her Halloween pajamas and sneakers, with a swiffer in her hand.

My husband stayed home with Sophia and he decided he was going to clean the house a bit. And he enlisted our 18 month old daughter as his assistant!

Hey, at least he had the initiative to actually clean!

Hope you've been enjoying the weekend.

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  1. That's hilariously cute... and very husband-typical. Mine has enlisted our 3-year-old to do any number of odd jobs around the house. Which usually don't end up quite right, but at least it was free labor and she was happy, right?

  2. She probably had a ball with it!!!!

  3. How cute!
    I voted for you! It looks like you are on the top page, number 24 right now! Woot!!! :)

  4. Oh yeah! She loved it! Today she was actually knocking on the broom closet door and asking me to get the swiffer out!

    And thanks so much for voting!!! I appreciate it :)

  5. what a cutie pie! I guess it's good he's breaking her in young! : )

  6. too cute, and helping at such a young age!!!

  7. This is too cute. Hi Just stopping by from the Follow Friday. I'm already following you. Glad you joined the hop again this week.


  8. She is sooo big! Isn't it crazy? I mean she was so tiny before and now she is a big girl cleaning the floor.

  9. I used to work one day a week outside the home and hubby happened to have that day off. I never knew what I would find the kids dressed in, how does one dress a boys in backward overalls anyways?, or what state the house would be in, remote in the fridge anyone?, but I always knew the kids were with a dad that loved them tons and tons and that was worth all the rest. Plus, I did get some good laughs out of it.

  10. Thanks ladies!
    I am very proud of the baby we made. =)

    And she always has a blast with her daddy =)

  11. I love the shoes with the jammies. That is awesome!


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