My Ikea Dream Home

* Today is day 2 of my 28 days of blogging.

I've never owned a home. Ever since I moved out of my mother's house, I've been a renter.
I think I have this fantasy of what it would be like to own my own home, especially one that I could design myself.

I studied architecture, so let's just say that HGTV is my porn.

And Ikea is the whore house I like to frequent.

And when it's late at night, instead of going to bed, I like to fantasize about the house I will one day have.
This would be the kitchen I would pretend to cook in.

This would be the living room we would entertain in. Because in my dreams we also have friends, and those friends come over to hang out and stuff...

And THIS would be my oasis!!! In my dream, Sophia sleeps until 11 am and I get to sleep in EVERYDAY!

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  1. Pretend to cook in - LOL - I guess that is one way to keep the kitchen clean :) I heart HGTV - my hubby doesn't get it though.

  2. Can I come and pretend cook in your kitchen and hang out in your cool living room???
    I love Ikea! A lot of my outdoor stuff, accessories and what not come from there. Lots of candles!! Lots of serving ware, glasses etc. Oh I know! You can come over and hang out in my outdoor Ikea showroom!

  3. Too Many Hats: Very few husbands understand that HGTV is like porn. They can't conceive of anything turning you on if it doesn't have nipples.

    Eight Helping Hands: What a great idea!!!! I would love to hang out with you in my Ikea showroom living room. Then we can sit outside in your outdoor Ikea showroom and have some drinks... MArgaritas?

  4. Best line ever:

    HGTV is your porn. Bwahaha! I love it, momma!

    And your rooms? LOVE them. I'm so coming over sometime!

  5. Owning is totally overrated. We bought a couple years ago and.... house is STILL not done! And the mortgage payments? Oh my gosh!

    I'm one of the lucky ones though. I watch HGTV porn with my husband. We DO IT almost every night...

  6. Lovely home!
    I wanted to tell you your Chic & Cheap Nursery Design site is great! :)


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