My Friend Jonathan Thinks He's MacGyver

* Today is day #15 of my 28 days of blogging.
In case you guys forgot, I was in the lovely Dominican Republic last month for about 10 days. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and I love seeing my friends every chance I get.

Growing up, I'm sure everyone had that one crazy friend. The one who had "brilliant" ideas about how to steal your parents car by using a potato (yes, he actually suggested it!).

The best thing about my friend Jonathan is that he never, EVER, ceases to amaze me.


And on this occasion, he did not disappoint!
"What's that?" you ask.

It's a cantenna.

It's a homemade solution to boosting the signal of your wireless connection. You stick the wireless antenna in a can, and voila! {If you are feeling adventurous, here is a cantenna online tutorial}

And because it was just too funny not to post, here is his Facebook profile picture.
He might kill me for posting it. But I think it would be totally worth it!

* I am officially half way through my 28 days of blogging and I have to say that I am really enjoying myself! I might continue to blog every day after this. That's probably the "blogging junkie" in me talking but we'll see. Have you guys been enjoying my month on blogging?
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  1. I wanna know how to steal a car with a potato!

    Make him tell!!! (-:

  2. You're moving up. # 12 now.
    But those beeayches with over a thousand.....must be cheating.

  3. Thanks for voting Gregory!
    Theta Mom (#5) and My Favorite Everything (#6) are actually pretty awesome! I don't doubt they have gotten a large number of votes =)

  4. He must be the funnest guy to hang with. Hey does he have any ideas on how to boost my teens into cleaning their rooms? Yes, I live on the wild side.

  5. Geez, I had some crazy friends, but none of them were that creative. Next time I need to boost my wireless connection, I'll head for my recycle bin!

  6. New here but just had to comment! I think your friend is brilliant! Love it:)
    Oh and I voted for you for Top Mommy Blogger!

  7. The cantenna is hilarious, the profile picture scares me a little.

  8. Tow of them have almost 3 effing thousand!!!!!

    Demand a recount.

  9. That is so funny!
    You have one brilliant friend. :)

  10. WHAT?! I have a friend like that, but she keeps coming up with different ideas for blogs.

  11. That's just hilarious! It amazes me what people can come up w/.

  12. Seriously?! I need to get me a friend like him.

    And I love the fb pic!


  13. Don't be put off by his fb picture!
    He is the sweetest guy in the world!


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