Let's Talk About Sex, Baby!: Tip #3 for Improving your Marriage/Relationship

* Today is day #5 of my 28 days of blogging.
* Today's post contains adult content. 

With each passing year, my husband seems to annoy me more and more.

I love him but sometimes he does things that make me think, "I cannot live with this for the REST OF MY LIFE!"

And I know that this thought has crossed your mind before too. But there are things we can do to make our relationships better, because 'til death do us part is a looooong time and you can't spend all of your energy giving your husband the evil eye because he forgot to put out a new roll of toilet paper after he finished the last one.

If you missed Tip #1: Improve Your Marriage and Tip #2: Improve Your Marriage, I suggest you give them a look.

But today, we are going to talk about S.E.X.

Remember how happy you and your husband were when you were newly weds? That probably has something to do with all that sex you were having! “There’s a strong relationship between rating your marriage as happy and the frequency of intercourse,” said Tom W. Smith, who conducted the “American Sexual Behavior” study. What the study was not able to determine is "whether people who are happy in their marriage have sex more, or whether people who have sex more become happy in their marriages, or a combination of those two.” But does it really matter?

Maybe when you have sex frequently you don't have the energy to get mad. Or maybe you're on a sex 'high' and you're all giddy and nothing bothers you. Either way, I think having a little more sex couldn't hurt anyone!

So next time your husband does something that annoys you to your very core, fight the urge to smack him over the head with a frying pan and just take your clothes off.

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  1. LOL! Isn't it a great idea? There is actually a book called "365 Nights" written by a couple that had sex for 365 days.

  2. I don't get the urge to hit my husband with a frying pan, I just want to kick him in the nuts once in a while. Although, now that I've read your post, that would probably make the sex part difficult.

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  5. I love your "disclosure" statement at the top of this post. I am currently working on a "30 days of sex challenge" post for next week (in honor of the day of "luuuuuurve"), and I should probably follow suit!!!

    Thanks for the comment love, stereotyping and all (hard not to with that story, right?). I agree, the little ones grow so quickly; don't you love this age though? Every day is so amazingly different!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  6. Just one more reason to love you!

    Gotta go take my clothes off now and I'm sure later and tomorrow and....!!! (-;

  7. Great post! There is the knowing what to do and then there is the getting up the energy to do it! Great advice though!

  8. Following you from the Friday Follow!


  9. Did my hubby pay you to post that. He would be all kinds of "listen to that smart mommy blogger" to me if he read this. I think your right though - shhhh

  10. Thanks to all my new friends from Friday Follow!

    Xenia: Yes, Xenia. Kicking him in the nuts would prove to be a little counterproductive.

    Confessions from a working mom: I can't wait to read your post!

    Mrs.Blogalot: PLEASE! I think I would have to be naked ALL DAY! Even in my sleep. I'm mad at him, even in my sleep!

    Andi: I get where you're coming from! Thanks for stopping by!

    Too Many Hats: No, your husband did not pay me but it's never too late! Where can I send the bill???

  11. How about I have sex with him and then smack him in the head with a frying pan?

    Is that allowed?

  12. YES! Not this is my kind of post! My husband made me very mad yesterday...maybe I should have just took my clothes off instead of ignoring him all night...hahah...

  13. Ooo la la .... I am going to try that LMAO! Would make things alot happier here. I saw your title and I thought about the song let's talk about sex baby let's talk about you and me! LOL

    Have a great weekend mommas!

  14. Good Suggestion. I'm a new Friday Follow sorry so late.

    Have a great weekend

  15. I gotta get the kids out of the bedroom first. And don't recommend the shower, they enjoy bugging me there too.

  16. Which came first the chicken or the egg!!
    Great post!



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