From Drab To Fab: Organizing My Dresser

* Today is day #22 of my 28 days of blogging.
A mess.
A complete mess. That's what my dresser looked like. I had bottles, necklaces, my flat iron and hair brushes EVERYWHERE!
I decided I had to do something to organize it because I was going to lose it if I had to stare at that mess one more time. Every weekend I would organize all of the dresser items into straight little rows but that didn't last very long. So I went to The Container Store and found these:
 I purchased two of them, headed home and voila!
Instant organization and peace of mind, since it's all in a bin, Sophia can't get to anything!
I can definitely live with that.

Do you have an area in your house that is driving you insane?
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  1. Do I have to choose just ONE area of my house where the mess drives me crazy? It pretty much all looks like your Before picture.

    There is definitely something great about having things nicely organized in bins and yours are cute, too! I wish we had The Container Store closer to me, although I'd probably spend way too much money in there.

  2. Hmm one are of my house that needs organizing?? Ha! Try my whole house. I try to organize it as much as possible but I swear my girls are like two little tornadoes that just follow behind me tearing the place up.

    And my dresser is always a hot mess. You did a great job! ALso great job with the posting everyday!

  3. The Container Store is definitely a place where you could lose your entire life savings if you are not careful because they have so many cool items to organize every space in your life!

    Thanks so much for the kudos on posting everyday. It's been challenging but extremely helpful. More on that in a later post!

  4. The area that drives me nuts is those places where all the dog hair seems to collect, no matter how much I vaccuum. I guess with three dogs with black hair, that's what I get. I see you have the SITS button, cool! Me too. I saw your button on HeartsMakeFamilies and decided to stop by. I wish I could be a WAHM too, except that I don't have any kids! Just the dogs and hubby.


  5. The Container Store is like an answer to my prayers. I doubt I could survive without it.

    Excellent work on your dresser!

  6. OH I LOVE to organize!!! I am in the process of re-doing my office and I just love it!!!!!!!!

  7. ooo, it's like new! I need to organize the guest room closets, they are a nightmare because I keep opening the doors, tossing stuff in, then closing them. One of these days the doors won't close!

  8. That made a HUGE difference. My dresser is more of a mess than yours was, I really need to get on it. It makes me feel stressed to look at it.

  9. Love it! Now come to my house alright! Only going to take you 10 hours to fly.. so come now LMAO

  10. Nice job ;)
    My daughter's room looks like someone lit a bomb in a toy store on some days. She can and will clean it up without much argument, she just sometimes forgets.


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