Did You Know That I'm A Super Hero?

*Today is day #19 of my 28 days of blogging.


Like Superman and Mr. Incredible, I too have a secret identity.

I may be a 25 year old, four-eyed, silly, loud mouthed, clumsy, dreamer. But I am also a super hero.

I. Am. Super Mom!

With sparkly pink cape included, I come to the rescue of my darling Sophia.
{photo source: www.cafepress.com}

My super strength lets me scoop her up and make her fly like a plane.

I have super balance that helps me juggle a 28 lbs. toddler, a diaper bag, and groceries while I fish for the keys in my back pocket.

I use the healing power of my magic kisses to heal all her bumps and bruises.

And best of all, I have super hearing. This super power allows me, and only me, to understand Sophia's babbling. To the untrained ear, it may sound like nonsense. But thanks to my super hearing, I know exactly what she's saying.

I am Super Mom. Changer of diapers, wiper of noses and slayer of monsters.

Are you a Super Mom? What are your special powers?
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  1. Super Mom indeed! I love your post! you mentioned in your post I clicked on the button on your sidebar, I adore your blog, and you are a lovely person!


  2. We Moms have the most unbelievable powers!!!! Sometimes, even our Side-kicks even recognize the greatness (-:

  3. Yes. I have the super power of being able to repeat myself endlessly to the teens, of leaping tall piles of dirty clothes in a single bound, and of always making a dinner that at least one person at the table hates.

  4. MelRoXx: Thanks so much for voting. You are super sweet!

    MrsBlogAlot: Ah yes. The sidekick, super dad! He deserves an entire post!

    Too Many Hats: WOW! Sounds like your super powers have increased as your kids have gotten older. Too funny!

  5. I have super hearing too! I can hear everything my kids are doing, without the baby monitor!

    I tagged you with an award.....!

  6. Very cute!

    It is amazing how we got super poers when we gave birth! WHo knew?

  7. I also seem to have super knowledge in that I'll always know the answer to my 3-year-old's questions... whether she has asked them once or 10 times in a row...

  8. I can catch spit-up in a single reach without looking and have four other arms that appear when three things need to be done at once.

  9. Still lucky 13.

    How do those b---hes get over 3000 votes. Boo.

  10. I too am a super hero because I can chase around my 2 year old all day long! (well at least I can pretend I am not exhausted!) :-)

  11. I'm a super mom, too! Thanks for reminding me.

  12. Cute post--I have the ability to get my 3 year old to eat sushi, tofu, asparagus, broccoli, and GASP! even turnip greens! Yes, I am mighty proud of myself for having defeated the villain Picky Eater Kid at an early age.... :)

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