Can Someone Please Turn Off The Waterworks?

*Today is day #23 of my 28 days of blogging.
I've always been a bit of a cry baby. 
I can admit that.
Most of the time I was able to keep those tears under control.
And then pregnancy happened!

It was like someone turned on the waterworks. Permanently!
I cried during Hallmark commercials, allergy commercials, jewelry commercials, etc. You name it, it probably made me cry.
After I had my baby, I thought things would go back to normal. But no.
And let me tell you something, it is really starting to annoy me. Seriously!

Today, and please don't judge me, I was watching that MTV show, 16 & Pregnant. And WTH happened to MTV? I thought MTV was an acronym for Music Television NOT Mediocre Television! Where is the music MTV?

Anyway, I was watching this show, pondering how is it even possible that kids who probably don't even brush their teeth unless their mommy reminds are allowed to have their genitals touch and pop out kids. I was just about to change the channel because the only person who deserves a spanking more than that obnoxious 16 year old pregnant teen is me for even watching that crap when it happened.

A beautiful innocent baby had come into this world. And I could not stop crying!
In that moment, all I could think about was this baby and all the love that babies bring to our lives. 
And I cried.


What makes you cry?
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  1. OMG, this is so familiar to me. I NEVER used to cry. NEVER. Until my son was born. Now, anything that has to do with innocent children or the the thought of innocent children....I can totally see why you broke down on that show.


    Mrs. Cryalot (-:

  2. Oh long time my sweet. I've missed you. :)

    I'm not much of a crier. My husband nick named me robot when we first started dating because I was un-moveable. I never cry...but of course, during pregnancy, yup. Big time cry baby, and it all started at our first ultasound. Being a mummy has definately made me more teary. Nothing to be ashamed of!

  3. I'm gonna cry for you W. down to 14. Sorry.

    Mr. Holland's Opus, gets me every time at the end. People doing good things, sacrificing for others gets me. Don't tell anyone, though.

  4. I cry every time I watch anything like that. Even if the show is crappy!

  5. I'm not a big crier, but sometimes things just get to you and I can no longer watch the ending of Beauty and the Beast - thank goodness the kids are too old for it.

  6. Everything makes me cry, lol. I just wrote a post of me crying. I am a big huge rican baby. So sensitive , can you believe it! Amazing!

  7. 16 and pregnant has never made me cry but I am glad my kids watch and know the consiquences of unprotected sex.

    Chin up... I cry over old episodes of Marcus Welby MD

  8. I cried, too! Something about birth now that totally makes me cry.

    I'm a big crier, too :)


  9. Just realized how many times I wrote "too" and a version of "cry".

    Sorry for that annoying comment, lol!


  10. My husband always jokes that we should have known I was pregnant with our first daughter when we were watching whatever season of American Idol it was back then. It was the show where they split the people into the rooms and then make everyone wait in suspense to be told if they make it or not. Anyway, that was the episode where two twins were applying and were in different rooms and they ended up both making it through that round but didn't know it yet... the shot where the rooms were being brought together and the twins were searching each other out... and then finally saw one another... oh man, I was crying away at how happy they were and my husband thought I had lost my mind.

    Long story short, I totally cry at everything now. EVERYTHING. Happy, sad, babies, pets, doesn't matter. I'm wiping away tears. On a different blog that I read the author had been so excited that she was pregnant and then found out a few weeks later that her body had been tricked somehow and really wasn't... oh geez, I was reading that post just bawling like crazy.

    I guess motherhood just means you're extra sentimental and sensitive, huh? Glad to hear it's not just me!

  11. I guess we're all a big bunch of cry babies!!!

    And Xenia, I know exactly who you are talking about and boy, did I cry when I read that!

  12. Everything makes me cry! I don't make it through most days without crying.

  13. I was 16 & pregnant. Bet you didn't know that. I blogged about it in August.

    Anyways...yes, I am a big old crybaby. I blame my astrological sign, Cancer. I am so typically the emotional crab that it is not even funny!!!!


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