Baby, It's Cold Outside...

*Today is day #10 of my 28 days of blogging.
I know a lot of you are stuck indoors today.
I don't really like snow. In fact, I hate it.
It looks really nice in postcards and in movies, but in real life, I don't find it that attractive.

And to think, less than 3 weeks ago I was in sunny Dominican Republic!

Why don't we all close our eyes and pretend we're there with an umbrella drink?

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  1. AHHHH! this picture is soothing my freezing ....everything!!!!

    Calgon...take me away!!!! Please!

  2. It's going to be hard to imagine with the snow falling but thanks for the picture

  3. I'm not even in a place where snow ever happens and I am happy to pretend I'm where that pic was taken :)

  4. Isn't it beautiful?!
    I could really use an umbrella drink and a view like this.

  5. I'd love to dive right in there.
    Thanks for the view.

  6. I wish it was snowing. Or sunny and warm like that beautiful photo.

    Here in S.F. it's just blah. Overcast and chilly. Maybe I'll light a fire, drink some wine and pass out...

  7. Ohhh, that picture is amazing! Packing my bags right now...

  8. Oh how I wish that I could be in the warm sunny weather! This snow and sicknesses are about to drive me crazy! The snow and cold weather wouldn't be as bad if they didn't cause us all to go stir crazy and the weather didn't cause us all to get sick over and over again.

    I voted for you again today! :)

  9. You could be in rainy Washington state where I am.

    Stopping by from SITS...make a snowman for me!

  10. I was shoveling snow today and was thinking of how I'm sick of it. Beautiful photo. I'm clicking for you again!

  11. Did you take that picture? If so, you have some talent. No snow here in Utah. Looks like the East is stealing it all.

  12. Oh. My. God. I also hate snow ( least after Christmas I do) and would LOVE to be sitting under a palm tree, sipping a margarita and looking at a view like that! Beautiful picture!!

  13. I would LOVE to be there right now. With a yummy drink. Suntan lotion. And a good book.

    Ahhh...thanks for the mood lifter, hun! That picture is beautiful.


  14. Amanda: Wine and passing out sounds good. Count me in!

    Xenia: As soon as the airports open, let me know!

    Momma Such: I am so sorry you guys have been feeling sick! Just keeping thinking warm thoughts. Spring will get here... eventually! And thanks so much for voting =)

    Tammy: The only thing I hate more than snow is rain! Especially when it's cold outside!!! Thanks for stopping by!

    Molly: Shoveling snow! After your accident prone post, I am terrified that you were out in this weather with a shovel! Thanks for voting =)

    Cindy: Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for this picture. My sister took it. But I will let her know you think she has talent!

    Monique: Did you say Margaritas?!

    Chelle: Any time! Looks like my sister could be a talented photographer.

  15. What is with this freaking song today?!?!?!?!? Every time I get it out of my head, someone else puts it in there, and since the only lyrics I know are "baby it's cold outside" that is all that is circling in my head!

  16. I'm jealous!!! I WANNA GO!! I'm tired of snow!



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