Window Shopping on 5th Avenue: Holidays & The City (Part 3)

I know January is almost over. But since some people still have their holiday decorations up, I don't see why I shouldn't share more pictures of New York City during the holidays with you.

And since it's Time Out Thursday, I am taking the opportunity. In case you are unfamiliar with Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday, the goal is to join the party on the last Thursday of every month and share with other Theta Moms how you spent an hour alone, meaning, without the kids!

So if you are interested in joining the party or reading about how other Theta Moms spent their time out, head on over to

For the third installment of Holidays & The City, I am going to take you window shopping on 5th Avenue with me and my friend, Bethsy. She was here for 2 weeks during the holidays and made sure that we left the house EVERY DAY!

New York City is filled with high end retail stores, ones that my pockets are deep enough to even by a key chain in! But that didn't stop us from walking around for hours and looking at the fabulous holiday window displays.

First stop, Cartier!

 Then, Fendi!
We also had to stop by Armani Exchange. I'm the one with the white coat and the disturbed looking girl behind me is Bethsy's sister. Because it was FREEZING!!!

Louis Vuitton...

And finally, Tiffany's!!!
We went inside to warm up a bit. So many beautifu pieces of jewelry and so little money...How depressing! And they have an ENTIRE FLOOR just for engagement rings! We went up there to pick out rings for Bethsy and her sister, even though they are both single. Crazy, I know, but SOOOO much fun. And then we snuck (or is it sneaked?) into the 'ladies lounge' to use the restrooms and take a picture.

So there you have it. A sampling of our window shopping adventure. Hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of 5th Avenue. And in case you missed it, you can read about our other outings in New York City Never Looked This Good: Holidays and The City (Part 1) and A Night on The Town in NYC: Holidays and The City (Part 2).

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  1. oh i wanna be your friend!!! i am stopping by from SITS and i love that you are window shopping...and that it's in NYC! love that place...far from the indiana gig i have going on with my 4 girlies and hubs, but i still dream and get away every now and then! so anyway, great times...and nice to meet you!

  2. LOVE NYC!!! And the windows on 5th Ave. are the best! Awesome pics and so glad to see you joined us mama! :)

  3. THOSE are so nice! I have not been to New York I would love to go some day that is on my bucketlist LOL.. before I die...

    Happy Timeout Thurday Chica!


  4. Great photos! I have never visited a big city during the holidays. Very pretty! :)

  5. i'm dying over the pic in the bathroom!! hysterical!

  6. I'm so glad to hear you guys enjoyed them! And for the record, we took about 15 pics in the bathroom at Tiffany's...

    I hope that if any of you make to NYC, you will let me know so we can get together!

  7. I would LOVE to go window shopping in NYC! I've never been there, but someday!!

    So glad you stopped by my blog today! Great to meet you!

  8. What a neat neat time out! I am very jealous- great pictures!! Visiting from Theta Mom!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am loving this Time Out Thursday thing, but it likely won't be good for my peformance at work. EEEK. Note to self.... Must go to NYC.

  10. welcome home! I really miss christmas lights. Want to hear something lame? Our big tree is long gone, but our "baby" tree that sits in the living room (next to my laptop) is still up!! Time for an intervention.

  11. Beautiful pictures, and how fun! I'd love to experience that even just once!

  12. Thank you for taking me along. I haven't been shopping in so long, and going to NYC is a thing of the past for me. Great time out!

  13. I miss living in a big city. Makes me miss London. Great, fun pictures. Wish I was there with you. You look like you had a fabulous time.

  14. I must admit that the one of Cartier and Tiffany's made me a little weak in the knees! I LOVE NYC at Christmas and didn't get to go this year. Next year for sure!!

  15. Love NYC! Those are beautiful pics! Thanks for stopping by. And glad you're back!

  16. Love NYC. I plan to make up for my missed vacation this summer.

    Great pictures thanks.

  17. I wish I was with you! I love all your pics!

  18. i live in NY (not the city tho) and after looking at ur pics, realize that i take the city for granted! looks like u had a great time :)


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