New York City Never Looked This Good: Holidays & The City (Part 1)

I know many of us stayed home this holiday season. But I thought it would be fun to take you on a tour of New York City during the holidays.

New York City is truely a magical place. I love this city. I fell in love with it instantly while I was on vacation here with a few of my friends.

New York has personality and that personality changes with every season. I don't particularly like cold weather but NYC lit up for the holidays is like a stunning bride on her wedding day... glowing.

My friend Bethsy had never been to NYC. In fact, she had never seen snow! So she hopped on a plane and came to spend 2 fabulous weeks with moi in the City that Never Sleeps.

She arrived on the evening of Dec. 24th. I make tacos every year for Christmas dinner. We had a Mexican fiesta and too many Margaritas to count. We had so many, no one even remembered to take a single picture! So you are just going to have to use your imaginations on this one.

On Christmas Day, after breakfast in our PJs and exchanging gifts, we set out to explore the city while Hubby stayed home with Sophia.

The streets were filled with people, mostly because all of the stores were closed, but we managed to get a few sights in.

That's my friend Bethsy and her cousin in front of a church on Broadway and 10th Street.

Bethsy and me @ Time Square

This picture is a little blurry but you can see how packed Time Square was that day.
That thing in the middle is the Broadway shows ticket sales booth.

Then we had a drink to celebrate the occasion at Planet Hollywood in Time Square.

So there you have it. Christmas Day in NYC. But we were just getting started. This was probably the most boring day of all the days we spent together in this great city.

Remember that I am posting EVERY DAY for 30 DAYS, and I have 500 pics worth of stories to tell you! Today is only day 5 of my month of blogging and I have tons of goodies in my bloggy bag to share with you.

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  1. Yay, the start of my tour! I used to visit NY often when I was a kid as one set of my grandparents lived there. But I don't really remember a lot of it and I can't recall ever being there at Christmas.

    Now I want to know what you guys did for New Year's Eve? Were you brave enough to be a part of all the craziness? I can't wait to see those pictures!

  2. I grew up in NE PA---sure miss day trips to your great city!!!! Stopping by from SITS

  3. I'm SOOOOO jealous!! I really want to go to NYC REALLY bad!! Maybe next year, we'll see!! So glad you had fun!

  4. One day I hope to also fall in love with NYC. Good luck making your goal a reality.
    Happy SITS day.

  5. Nothing beats NYC, especially during the holidays! Love the pics!

  6. Great idea! NY is a beautiful place. I was lucky enough to go twice- but only for day trips. There is so much more I want to do there!
    Following from MBC, please come by my blog too!

  7. I've never been to NYC and hope to get there someday. My parents went a few years ago right before Christmas and they loved it. My mom talks about it all the time - it was one of their greatest trips I think.

    Great pictures, looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to reading more!

  8. Hey! Are you going to the MS blogging show?

  9. I love those pictures!! And I love that I can still see those sights often
    love love love visits into the city. Anyone who has never been should see it at least once (-:

  10. I am so excited that you guys are loving the pictures (courtesy of the camera Santa got me)! I would love to have a night out on the town with all of you!

  11. I turned 40 this year and one thing I hope to do is visit NYC. I never been! I must hit the big apple...great photos!

    By the way, I just TAGGED and LINKED you at
    "...i don’t like mama!"

    Come check it out...see u there!

  12. you're making me homesick! : )

    btw, I tagged you in a meme!

  13. I would love to get to New York one day, but right now we are saving up for Disneyworld. That will be next!

  14. Ave maria I have been hibernating and where the heck have been reading your blog. I will slap myself for ya!

    I am soo going to look you up when I check off my bucketlist..... :)

    These are fantastic pics!


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