The End Of An Era: Bye Bye Books, Hello eReaders

It was announced that Apple will be including an e-reader to their product line, the iPad (and by the way Apple, what the hell where you thinking when you picked a name? All I can think about are maxi pads!).
The iPad is the latest addition to the long list of e-readers that includes Barnes & Nobles' nook, Amazon's Kindle and Cool-er.

I am a geek at heart and I worship at the church of Mac. However, I cannot forsee that I will ever purchase the iPad or any e-reader for that matter.

Nothing beats curling up with a good book. NOTHING.

I don't read as much as I used to. For that, I am truly sorry. But what makes me even sadder is that Sophia will probably never share my love of books.

I remember when my sister got too old/cool to keep her Sweet Valley High book collection and gave them all to me. I read book after book, nonstop. I looked up to my sister and I imagined what she must have been doing or thinking as she read the books that I was now reading.

I remember peaking over at the next couple of pages while reading a really good book to see what would happen because the anticipation was killing me.

I love how books get worn from reading them over and over again.

And I love the smell of a new book! There is something almost lustful in the aroma of a brand new book, waiting for you to flip the pages and luring you into a life that isn't your own.

So I say "No!" to the e-reader/e-book/whatever you want to call it. Yes, your convenience is appealing but books have something you will never have... my heart!

Top 10 Reasons Why I Choose Books Over e-Readers (in no particular order)
1. You can wrap up a good book and gift it to a friend.
2. Your eyes won't hurt from the glare of a book.
3. You can drop a book and not worry that it broke.
4. You can lend a book (although I don't like to do that because you never get them back).
5. You can use books as decoration.
6. A thin book can fix a wobbly table or chair.
7. You can throw a book at someone if they make you angry. Dictionaries work best!
8. You can spill a drink on a book and just let it dry out. Let's see you beat that e-reader!
9. Books are a good place to keep little pieces of paper you don't know what to do with.
10. You can judge a book by it's cover. And you can judge a person by the book theey're reading. You can't tell what a person with an e-book is reading. They could be reading a book on how to be an axe murderer as they sit right next to you in the waiting room of your doctor's office.

Do you have any fond memories that include books? Do you have a favorite book that you've read more than once? I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. OMG - I haven't thought about 'Sweet Valley High' in years....I used to LOVE those books, somewhere around early Jr. High I guess! Funny, I was just having this discussion about the IPad and other e-readers w/my hubby. He thinks they're great, but I want nothing to do with them....totally agree that there's something about the feel of a book, curling up with it, turning the pages in anticipation of what happens next!! Unfortunately though, I usually end up joining the masses at some point eventually, lol.

  2. I agree. I prefer to read books in a book. Lose a book and you are out maybe $20 lose that ... ouch

  3. I cross the line at going digital to read a book. I can't BELIEVE you have the SVH book photos! I had every single one of them, and kept them in a special bag. Dork!

  4. I don't know if I ever got completely into the Sweet Valley High as much as Sweet Valley Twins. Oh, Jessica and Elizabeth had it all... but then there were the Babysitter's Club girls, too...

    The times when technology is better than the real thing are basically when you're using that dictionary as a book, not to throw at someone. I couldn't even tell you where ours is, if we have one. I just head to the internet to look up a word. However, in terms of actual reading, you're completely right, there's just something about a book that can't be beat. Now if I can just find the time to read one...

  5. Omg, we could be bff's/sisters. Seriously--I say the same thing. At first I thought, awesome! An electronic thing to read books.

    It's insane that our lists could be identical. Plus? One of my fave things is getting out of the house, alone, to go and browse the books.

    You could never do that with an e-reader :)


  6. ps-I loved the Sweet Valley High, Babysitters Club, Sleepover Twins series. *sigh* nothing beat going to the bookstore with my saved up money to buy books.


  7. I was a Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew fan as a kid. I never re-read books, never. My favorite reads last year were The Kite Runner, The Help, and The Hour I First Believed. I mostly listen to books on my MP3 player which you probably don't care for either, but it makes my runs go by much faster each morning.

  8. this is a great list and good point!! plus u can write in books and highlight and make things more personal and cozy. just stopped by ur blog and loving it :)


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