I love you Blog Awards!

It's been such a long time since I last posted some blog awards it is just ridiculous!

I am a procrastinator but I have taken that to a whole new level with the blog awards that I have received. I have been sitting on, and I kid you not, more than 8 blog awards for the past couple of months and I am so ashamed.

I LOVE AWARDS! I am a procrastinating overachiever and to be recognized by my fellow bloggers is such an honor!

So to celebrate the end of the year, I am going to be posting and passing on all of my awards this month. Along with a gazzilion (ok, more like 5) giveaways!

So today I give to you:


Bestowed upon me by Mrs.Blogalot, this award is for the MOST UT.

They are hilarious, fun, inspirational, sarcastic, silly, compelling, irrational, unpredictable, truthful, astounding, thought provoking, raunchy, racy, boundry pushers, yellers, ranters, ravers, poets, cynics ..... no not all at the same time...

Mrs. Blogalot gave this award to most of my cynical friends (click here to see who else received the award) but she left out a few and it is my duty (yeah, right!) to pass it along. All of these spectacular bloggers are extremely versitile. You never know what to expect from their blogs or their comments.

I would like to pass this award to:
- Mrs.Blogalot herself! She is as hilarious and sarcastic as they come. Love at first sight post.
- Life's Crazy Joke. Because I need to wear Depends every time I read her blog.
- Brilliant Sulk. Because she blows my mind with every post and comment!
- Scary Mommy. Because she is really not that scary.
- http://stay-at-homemomwhoknew.blogspot.com/. Because she is super sweet and then someone pisses her off and she gets boriqua on them...
- Barefoot Foodie. Because even though she probably doesn't give a crap about awards, she deserves it!
I'm sure that there are many other bloggers I have forgotten. But if I keep trying to remember who else I would like to give this award to, it will just sit here as a draft until 2012.
- Venti Vixen. Because someone who drinks that much coffee is bound to say something crazy!


  1. Woo Hoo! Congrats on the awards and loving your new nav bar. :)

  2. Congrats on your awards! Woo Hoo! Love the new nav bar, too.

  3. Congrats on your new award. New look is great!

  4. lol that is too funny. Thank you momma! LOL...... LOVE the new blog design... LOVE IT!

  5. Oh ya don't worry I am going to tag you someday LOL.. on the meme thingys LOL... I am so behind...:)

  6. WhoooHoooo!!!! I got a Rosie back!!!!! Thank you and I am so glad that you are passing her on...tell her to dress warm and pack light as she loves to travel (-:
    Can't wait to check out the new recipients!!!

  7. Congratulations and thank you so much!!! I will send you a pack of Depends right away. At first, I thought you were giving me an award for being the crappiest customer who never does things in a timely manner. Then, I realized that you like me! What a relief!

  8. I am loving the new look. You deserve all the awards...I love you and your blog. I am interested on Nanny status...did I miss something?

  9. Oh you're the best, you deserve that award!

    Thank you for throwing an award my way. You have no idea how much I needed this. Crappiest week ever....

    And how the hell do you have so many followers? I feel like such a dork.

  10. Well if you weren't so freakin' awesome then people wouldn't give you awards and you wouldn't have to procrastinate with them, right? See how that works?

  11. Thanks girls! I really appreciate your kind words!
    I am so excited to pass these awards on to my bloggy friends!

  12. um.

    1. Ensure is ALWAYS funny.

    2. I LOVE YOU!

    3. Thanks. For reals!

  13. Congratulations!!! You certainly deserve it!

  14. Congrats. The award is hilarious. I loved rosie. Got your message about my blog roll. Blah! I've heard it from millions of people...okay not millions, but a lot and I don't know how to fix it. :( I'll dig into it.

  15. Congratulations on your awards. You so deserve them.


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