Hot Nanny Update

I know many of you are wondering what was the fate of  'Hot Nanny.' If you are unfamiliar with the Hot Nanny Saga click here and here to catch up.

First of all, thanks so much to all of you who voted in the Hot Nanny Poll. The results were predictable, to say the least. Great minds think alike and I am glad we are all on the same page! Here are the results:
Would you hire a hot nanny?
12% Yes
32% No
56% Are you crazy?
I suspect there was one person in particular (you know who you are!) that kept voting yes but overall, I think we can all agree that if you still have your own teeth and your car insurance isn't from AARP, don't think you are going to get hired to take care of our kids.

So, what ever happened to Hot Nanny, you ask. You are not going to like the answer. No, I didn't have her wacked. I do live in NYC but I don't have those types of connections. I have the Dominican connection but everyone knows that you can't hire a Dominican to do a hit job, you hire an Italian... or a Russian.

Whoa! My mind really ran with that one, huh?

Anyway, as we speak write read... At this moment, Hot Nanny is in my home, taking care of my adorable little Sophia.

"Am I crazy?", 56% of you ask. The answer is, no. I'm not crazy. I AM DESPERATE!

My mother cannot take care of Sophia any longer and I can't quit my job because my stress-induced gastritis might turn into a stress-induced ulcer if my bank account gets any lower than it already is.

For now, Hot Nanny is hired. She has already been with us for a few weeks. Sophia seems to like her. She is catching on pretty quickly to our routine and how I like things done.

Also, my husband has been reassuring we that she is not attractive at all. He rambles on and on about all the things he isn't attracted about her to make me feel better. I have to say, it is working like a charm. In fact, it turns me on a little... Is that wrong?!

I'm still looking for an older, wiser, less attractive nanny but in the mean time, Hot Nanny will just have to do.

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  1. Well I hope it all works out. :) I'm sure it will, no matter what she looks like :)

  2. I've been wondering, so I'm glad you posted an update! I guess as long as it's working out, then she'll do for now.

    P.S. All I need to do is click? I've been doing that but thought that there was more involved that I wasn't figuring out... of course I think you're a Top Mommy Blog!

  3. Only you two know what is best for your family. I am sure she is a great nanny. Keep us updated.

    PS i could hardly find your comment button

  4. OK - I missed this vote - but I have to say, I think our nanny is a "hot nanny" in more ways than just her looks :-) My children LOVE her! She has been with us a year and a half, since our first was 3 mos old. And I was a nanny myself in college (cant say that I would call myself hot, but if I was not hired just because of looks I would have been sad!) I think the most important thing to remember is to continue to be the wife your husband married and loves, to work with your nanny so that you are a team, and most importantly, does she love your children and give them the best care for the times you aren't there. Here is my post on our nanny. I wish you luck and I'm sure you've made a great choice!

  5. You two make the best decision about the nanny.
    Hope it works out. Btw, i clicked and voted for you. Have a great week.

  6. If your gut had really told you it was wrong, you wouldn't have hired her. I'm sure it will be fine and I'm glad the kids like her!

  7. As long as Sophia's Happy, Everybody's Happy:)
    It will work out just give it time:}

  8. I'm glad she is working out for you all. I know that you've made the decision that is best, hon. And it's wonderful Sophia likes her--that's wonderful!

  9. Why aren't there any Hot Male Nannies out there? If you find one, please send him to Rhode Island.

  10. my daughter is a HOT nanny and has had one dad go over the line. She told him, that is over the line. But she did sit for a family friend and told him next time I WILL tell your wife. He said he was sorry he was trying to make a joke and it was a bad joke.... She is with a great guy and really isn't the easy type......... My daughter would tell you hey being a hot nanny is hard! LOL she hears quite a few times: We really like you but we went with someone older.. (she is 22)

  11. Glad she's working out for you. If she seems to fit in so far, maybe it's not worth looking for another. People get stuck in their ways a lot more as they age so you may be able to mold her to your preferences more than others.

  12. i stumbled over from 20sb! love love love the post lol...I thnk if ur hubby loves u for u then u dont have to worry about the hot nanny! but i know some people that will def not hire a hot nanny new follower!

    I dont live in NYC but I do live in NJ :)

  13. LoL!!! :) I'm hopping over from Uprinting and LOVE this post :) too great :D good luck with the hot nanny ;)

  14. My shiny new DIL was a nanny this summer until she was hired with her shiny new college degree job! She is phenomenal with children! She got the baby to stop screaming and start moving - which the baby wouldn't do. She said the neighbors check on her, the mom was initially so untrusting - we laughed and asked her if she'd found which stuffed animal had the camera! I don't want a nanny - I want someone to do my laundry, straighten my house and start dinner!

    BTW - I am now a work at home mom - we now run our own business! Am loving it! Best of luck with yours!

  15. Well lady, you have more strength and adult-shipish whatever than I do! Good luck and don't let her go hand rocking the cradle on you!

  16. Truth is you are pretty hot yourself. No need to worry on that front.

  17. Are you completely LOCA Ave Maria!! ROFL.....

    Hey dont worry I got your back one smile at the direction of tu esposo! Wacala! en la cabeza LOL......

    Good luck on your search for the toothless, old nanny ROFL

    love ya chica!

  18. I was wondering what happened with her. I think, hotness aside, if she's working out and Sophia loves her then you made the right choice.


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