Hot Nanny Saga Ends: Because The Moral Of This Story Is That She Is Going To Burn In Hell & You Should Always Follow Your Gut!

No, my husband didn't cheat on me.
But my hot nanny is an a-hole!
Well, my ex-nanny is an a-hole!

Today, Dec. 30th, hot nanny called my husband to inform him that she is starting a class on Jan. 5th and she can no longer take care of Sophia.

Dec. 30th!

Can you believe the balls on this one?!

How can anyone be so irresponsible?! Doesn't she know that I am depending on her to earn a living?

I'm not upset that she is studying. I think it's great. I am a big supporter of learning and if I had the time and money, I would be studying something too.

What bothers me is that she must have confused me with an idiot! I am NO idiot! But in this case, she has made me an idiot.

And I. AM. FUMING!!!

I have turned into a fire breathing dragon and my husband is at the receiving end of the enormous fireballs spewing out of my mouth.

I blame him!

I blame him because he was the one that brought her into our home, he was the one that offered her a ridiculously high salary, he was the on that paid her when I had to take UNPAID days off from work to train this unexperienced monkey to take care of our child! Him, him, him!

And now I find myself without a babysitter, and guess who's supposed to go back to work next week? Me.

Happy New Years!


  1. Oh, you have got to be kidding. She gave you SIX days notice? I hope that your husband at least gave her a little bit of a "talking to" when she called him to tell him.

    I'm sorry for you and that really does suck... and yes, definitely a lesson to be learned here for all of us about following your instincts (especially with the hot ones)!

  2. OMG seriously! WOW not even 2 weeks notice.. that is crazy.... NO MORE hot NANNIES, find some granny out there that doesnt want a higher education LOL...

    FEEL for ya girl!

  3. Holy cow, what an ending to the story. That's nuts! You were right all along, although I know that doesn't make you feel better. Ugh!

  4. Oh no! I am sorry about this. I will pray that everything works out.

  5. Omg. Go figure, right?! So sorry she quit on you, hon--and hoping that you get a replacement asap!!

    ps-totally his fault.

  6. OMG, Hot Nanny = Never again! I hope you find a replacement soon or at least get some family to watch your daughter while you find one!

    Seriously, that was really LAME of her to put you in this situation.

  7. too bad you are not in Ohio!! my daughter the nanny just got told by her employer that starting Jan. 2nd she no longer has a job (the mom and my daughter!!) cause you wouldn't have to trainer her... the only drawback is me complaining that she does more cleaning at your house then ours!! LOL But dang that sucks........

  8. Wow that sucks! I have been right in your shoes twice. Mine however was not a hot nannie but a friend (which after she bailed we did not talk for awhile) and my hubby's parents (which I swear it took me at least two years to get over and I may still harbor some resentment). After his parents decided NOT to watch their grandchildren I finally broke down and found a daycare center. And I am soooo glad I did. My husband and I need to know that we have childcare everyday. And the stress of people not showing up was taking a toll on us as people and at time our marriage. And my girls just love their daycare. They go running in and when I come to pick them up they sometimes are having so much fun they don't want to leave. So I know what you are going through and how hard it is. I could write a book on this I swear! Good luck! And I really enjoy your blog. Tammy

  9. I totally agree that your gut is never, ever wrong. EVER.

    Hope you find a new nanny quick!!

  10. OMG sorry! the nerve of her! Sucks !! Ur hubby was wrong for that ! Hope he gave her a piece of his mind but Gold fig she would call him. Sorry it didnt work out hope something does soon!

    Happy New Year... though!!!

  11. Stupid little hussy. Ugh. Yep, trust your gut, and not little hotties!

  12. What a blow! ~that completely sucks. I feel for you...there should be a law against that! Nannys should be required to give 1 month notice. Next time I would put that bit in writing, not sure if it would stick though.

    Good luck with finding a new sitter. I would offer temporary but I'm out in Canada!

    Good Luck!

  13. Oh so not cool! Leave it to karma my friend. One day she will be the one left in the lurch.
    Hope you find a nice mousey little nanny who will respect your family and love your kids.

  14. OMG! This is totally ridiculous and I am so sorry you have to deal with this! Uhhg...I do not envy your situation at all. I agree with ModernMom...Karma is a bitch and she will get hers. I guess the silver lining is that she is gonesville. Good luck!

  15. Oh lord....fireballs would be the least of my problems if it were hope she learns some responsibility when she goes back to school...not cool....

  16. Oh no! That is awful and irresponsible!! How is your week going now?!

  17. Not giving much of a notice is not very nice. I would be fuming too.

  18. I love your dragon! I am very familiar with situations like this. I had my own interior design business and furniture store when my kids were younger. It is so incredibly frustrating when the people you depend on screw you! Don't worry-karma really hurts when it bites! Visiting from

  19. Stopping by from SITS.

    I would be furious. She had to have known ahead of time. So wrong to not give you notice.

  20. I had to go catch up on parts 1-3! LOL

    She sounds like a piece of work!! What did your husband think about that (lack of) notice?

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I love seeing new faces. LOVE your place. I'll be stopping by often!

  21. Hard to believe........some people have nerve.

    Tried to follow through MBC but no follow me widget on your blog??

  22. You know why she called your dh, right? Because she knew he'd be sympathetic. You, OTOH, would not - and rightly so. Great story!

  23. Sorry, must be blind today! Found your widget to follow


  24. Too bad we don't live near each other. I could be your un-hot, over-paid nanny.

  25. That sucks! One of the hardest things for a mom is to find a ood child care provider. I know o so well.


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