Would You Hire a Young/Attractive Nanny?

Yes. I changed my blog design again.
I'm stressed. And when I'm stressed, this is what I do. I keep busy.

I need to hire a nanny. My amazing, sweet ( and by sweet I mean old) and patient nanny moved back to her country (read my sob story here) in September and I have been in denial.

My mom had taken over her duties but while my hubby was away, she had just about enough she could take, and told me that she can't keep babysitting for me 2 days a week.

Hubby has decided that he would like to hire someone from his country, the Republic of Georgia because he wants Sophia to speak Georgian (can you believe that is actually a language?). So he made a few calls and yesterday we had a Georgian 'nanny' stop by to speak with us.

Here's a map because I had no idea where/what that was when we met

She is 24 years old, a medical student and has the face of an angel. She came with her mom and Sophia (who has a fear of strangers... and I love it) took instantly to her. I swear Sophia thought we brought her a little playmate!

image: getty images

I was not really involved in the conversation because they were speaking Georgian (je je je... that's a language?) and by they I mean my husband and her mother. I swear that my potential 'nanny' barely said a word! And I call her my potential nanny because I cannot remember her name! Come to think of it, I don't think anyone told me her name.

OK. So, I need you to tell me that this is a horrible mistake! That I should not hire this angel-faced medical student.

My husband and I struggle everyday with our cultural differences. I am from the Dominican Republic. We are loud and happy people. Georgians are very somber and rigid. So why in the HELL would I hire a Georgian angel to care for our child?

can you blame us for being happy people when we are from an island that looks like this?
i stole this picture from my sister's facebook page but she doesn't know i have a blog, so it's all good

My husband gets home about an hour and a half before me (I work 3 days a week) so that means that he is the one that would relieve her of her duties. It's not that I don't trust him but I keep playing the same scenario in my head: Everyday he gets home, talks in his native language to this girl, reminisce about their country and starts to think 'Why am I married to this Dominican biatch when I could be with someone who gets me'?


p.s. Have I mentioned my husband's hot? No?! Well, he is! I married him for his looks, not his personality. But he's mine and I'd like to keep him ;-)

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  1. Wow, did I write this? You sound just like me! LOL No, I wouldn't hire her. I'd feel the same way. She's young, she'll find another job. BTW I NEVER heard of that language before.

  2. As the first said, if in doubt don't do it. Besides what did you learn about her, if you didn't speak and don't even know her name.

  3. Hahaha! This post was funny.. but i bet it's quite a tough decision to make. Hope you get the best one tough!
    Have a nice Wednesday!

  4. I hate to say it, but I'd have to be in the 'No' camp - can't argue with your gut instinct on matters like these. ;)

  5. I saw your tweet and immediately thought Hell no! No offense to your hot husband, but who does he think Sophia going to be able to speak Georgian to?

    If she seems like she's going to do a great job as a nanny, then... that's one thing. But if you're not comfortable with her, then definitely no.

  6. My first response would be NO! Wow, hiring a nanny seems like an amazing feat in itself. I would want an elderly grandmotherly type. :) Oh well, thankfully my children are older. Something to think about though as I investigate going back out into the work world next year.

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  8. Mrs. Espo - Congrats on being a HOT nanny! Since you seem to be happily married and trying to concieve, I would have no problem hiring you.

    I am on the fence about hiring a HOT, SINGLE nanny with cultural ties to my husband...

    Debra- Absolutely agree! A grandmotherly type would work for me!

    Xenia- HAHAHAHAH! exactly! i took 3 months of georgian classes and i don't even know how to ask where the bathroom is!

  9. This is my first visit to your site - this post is funny but serious at the same time. I have to agree with almost everyone here and say "no". Don't ignore any hesitation you may have because it will nag you for days/weeks/months on end. You will always be thinking about it. That's no way to live and I am afraid would start to affect your marriage.

    Good luck! Looking forward to reading the follow-up.

  10. Hey lady! Thanks for the follow and the comment! I had to "delete" it because I didn't want others to know my profession!!! I don't mind sharing some things...but especially when people I "know" find my blog...it's my way of staying anonymous! I will be following you though!!! I am so excited to see what else you have going on....and to find out about that hot nanny! LOL

  11. LOL! Just say no...again and again and again!

    Did I mention say no?

    There are plenty of .....ordinary looking people out there looking for work...that WON'T give you grey hairs of worry!

    (-: Melyssa

  12. Ha-larious! I would love to say that I would hire the Georgian Hottie, however I am not that cool.

  13. Pssh, if only I wasn't in school I'd totally be your babysitter!!!!

    I don't think its worth the aggrevation its CLEARLY going to cause you/is already causing you!

  14. Oh hells NO! Not that I'm the jealous type or anything, but that is a big hell to the no from me, girl!

  15. No way! DON'T do it!! You know that feeling...us women just know--and if you're feeling no...well, don't do it honey!!

  16. Okay, my 2 cents. NOoooooooooooooooooo! I couldn't do it, but I'm super insecure...or have watched Way to many lifetime movies. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm sure she's wonderful and lovely, but this is one area where looks can not help you get the job. Best of luck in whatever you choose, but if you hire her....pay attention to your intuition. You have it for a reason AND be extra nice to your husband. No need to create a reason to look around. Know what I mean?

  17. I will not lie. I trust my husband. but HELL NO! Both he and I agree that putting yourself in a bad position is NEVER a smart thing to do. We don't even go to lunch with an attractive boss alone. So NO.Don't do it. An ugly girl is just as qualified. I promise.

  18. I would have to say NO...but that is my opinion and we both know that I am going thru a divorce so I don't really trust men right now...LOL

    I think you both can agree on someone who is kind, loving and trustworthy...and if you aren't feeling this gal, PASS!!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by and have a FANTASTIC day!!!

  19. Stopping by from SITS!

    I see several problems with this.

    1) I too have seen too many lifetime movies like Angela. I'm also in secure and couldnt do it. I cant read his thoughts (is this good or bad) and would always assume the worst.

    3) You already have doubts. Dont do something your gut tells you not to.

    4) Hire the mom if you can communicate with her! lol ;)

    2) You dont know her name. Obviously there is some communication issues going on already!

  20. Girl, "Doubt means don't." Enough said.

  21. My gut reaction is no way!

    And it is a funny post! I am following you from MBC!

  22. Okay, I'm in the other camp here. We have a hot nanny. And we LOVE her. She is amazing with our kids, is going to graduate school and is the sweetest person I've ever met. We'll be sad when she leaves.

    Granted my husband only sees her in the mornings when she arrives but even if they were to see each other at some point during the day it wouldn't bother me.

    BUT, if you have reservations then by all means don't do it. You have to deal with it.

  23. As Whitney(Houston)would say "Hell to the No"! I absolutely would not be comfortable with this young hottie! Hotness aside she didn't even speak, how do you go on an interview(as an adult) and have your mom do all the talking. I say go with your gut!

    By the way thanks for the laugh, I love the way you wrote this post!

  24. No i wouldn't...I've see what happens it the movies....it never ends well! ;)

  25. hmmmmm. think of it the other way, do you think your husband would feel weird if you had a hot Domenican manny who didn't speak english? And if your daughter took to her so quickly, that's a postitive sign.

  26. Tough one. Sounds like she'd have all the energy needed to keep up with Sophia but...
    Go with your gut. If it feels wrong than it will be. Even if nothing happens, you'll have your suspicions and no one will be happy.

  27. I would say no. I wouldn't have to worry personally, because unless she talked World of Warcraft and played it, it wouldn't capture his attention, he's more into screens then anything else.

    This is the first article I've read of yours - its funny yet serious - I liked it. I would say go with your gut as well! Maybe hire her mother? You could say that - and this is likely truth, you'd like to be able to communicate your wishes to your nanny yourself, and not have a go between and that you'd like to be able to call to make sure everythings okay as well.


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