Aiming Low NYC - Booze, Bloggers and HP Printers

So in case you have been living under a rock, like I was until last Tuesday around midnight, let me tell you a little bit about Aiming Low.

Aiming Low is a "a group of women/moms/bloggers/friends/writers that believe that there’s no shame in serving mac and cheese for dinner three nights in a row, Febreeze was created to make a questionably clean shirt smell ready-to-walk-out-the-door-fresh and that slack isn’t a way of life…it’s an art.

So, if you’re tired of being told that you should be better than you are…a better wife, a better mother, a better cook, a better housekeeper, a better friend, a better all-around-person…this is your place."

No one has actually told me that I should be better than I am but I sorta feel like I should. But that's a topic best served with a martini on a shrink's couch.

Back to the subject. I was catching up on my blog reading last Tuesday night. Went to see what sort of shenanigans by beloved Barefoot Foodie (I love her, click here to read all about that) had written about and I see that she is in NYC. I live in NYC! So I scramble to figure out why she is here and where can I see her, and I discover that she is here for an Aiming Low blogger mixer thing sponsored by HP.

Let's skip to the good part because I know you are getting bored and I don't want you to go yet! The point is I went. I knew no one there so I got a cocktail to keep me company and proceeded to sit with some strangers :)

I had one drink and was already plastered. Enter Barefoot Foodie! I enlisted a girl from my table (whose name I was too drunk to remember now) and we went up to Brittany (Barefoot Foodie) and proceeded to tell her what a big fan I am , make a total ass of myself, tell her I was drunk, tell her I only eat Ensure, tell her I was planning a lesbian treesome with her and MaryMac from Pajamas and Coffee basically scare the shit out of her.

Here is a picture of me (on the right, pink shirt, drunken smile, holding Brittany a little too close for her comfort), Brittany (in the middle scared shitless) and the girl whose name I can't remember (just realized from the pic that her name tag says Molly) but I do know that she had no baby and no blog but she won an mini HP laptop.

This pic belongs to Barefoot Foodie. I snagged it from her Flickr without permission :)

I also got to hang out with Bay from Queen Mother Blog. She took a pic but is taking forever to send it too me! She is super sweet and seriously, she looks like she is 12! And that is a compliment! I look 25 going on 40 because I never sleep.
Also talked for a little bit with Shauna from Is it 5 o'clock yet?. She is part of the Aiming Low crew and hysterical. I wanted to ask for her phone # so we could talk but I think that might have been ackward.
But as the night unwinded and 1 Cosmopolitan became 1 Cosmo+ 2 Appletinis, use mommy bloggers got a little crazy!
I'm not going to share all the details. All I can say is that VDog is amazing and probably doesn't remember me! My cheeks hurt so much from laughing at Every. Word. that came out of her mouth!
And my all time favorite of the evening... LaughMom! She proclaimed to anyone that would listen that I was her new best friend and together we terrorized the living crap out of one of the HP Printer guys. Let's just say his man nuts have gone into hiding.
I had a FANTASTIC time with every on at the Aiming Low thingy. I feel totally sorry for all of you that didn't get a chance to go and hang out with us!
P.S. Forgot to mention Angie from A Whole Lot of Nothing. Super sweet and funny.
P.P.S. HP, if you're reading. You will get no plug from me!!! Rumor has it there was a gift card in the swag bags... Well, NOT IN MINE! You made me fall in love with your printer and I can't get one of my very own!!!


  1. Awesome. Totally awesome. Scary awesome.

    Thanks for all the shout-outs!

  2. hahaha. That's MEEEEEE! the girl with no blog and no baby but a laptop.
    I look like I was hanging out with the stoners that stayed next door to the aiming low ladies.

  3. LOL, girl you look like you had fun! LOL you are so funny!

    they better get you that gc fast or trouble is a coming LOL

  4. OMG you still have this word verification crap OMG someone kill me now I hate this thing with a passion TAKE it off!!!! Ughhhhhhhh

  5. I hate word verification!!! I thought I had removed that sucker!!! I'm on it!!!

    MOLLY!!! It's you!

  6. Sounds like an awesome time! I am glad you got to meet some of your faves. I can't wait til Blogher '10 NYC to do the same!! Including meeting you!

  7. Ok, this is HILARIOUS! Oh Sweetie, I loved meeting you, and hate you for being so skinny, even though, unlike you, I could never survuve on merely Ensure. OLD PEOPLE DRINK THAT.

    I will be back in NYC in August, if not sooner, so we simply must meet up again!

  8. That poor, poor HP man. He is never going to have sex with a woman again.

  9. That is so cool!! I think the picture came out good! I've got to get myself to one of those par-tays!!

  10. Oh how fun! I would have totally loved to crash that party too!

  11. Oh that looks like fun, wish I could have been there because I totally would have drank EVERYONE under the table.

    Hmm. maybe I'll catch a plane to Blogher next year....

  12. I would have loved to be there! I'm SO jealous!! I haven't had an Appletini in YEARS--that's not to say I don't drink...hence the name "Winey" mommy :)

    LOVE your blog!! So cute!

    ps-I can't remember, but think it was you asking about the Minnie costume? I'm pretty sure it came from Disney (store). If it wasn't you, I'm sorry for sounding like a freak writing that. If it was you? I'm so sorry it took me a few days to get back to you!

    xoxo, Chelle

  13. Hi...
    I am reading and listening, and I want to thank you for spending time with HP and Aiming Low in NYC -- aside from the comments above about our HP Tech Guys ;-)

    Reach out to me on Twitter: AngelaAtHP
    I'll make sure you get the gift card that was included in the bags at the NYC event -- it's specifically toward the purchase of an HP consumer PC from HP Direct.

    But because you mentioned you're in love with the HP Photosmart Premium with Touchsmart Web AiO printer, aka the HP Web Printer, I want you to know that you can save more than $110 on this printer this week.
    There's an instant $60 savings, and you can earn an additional $50 off when you trade in your current printer for recycling.

    Go to to view the models and see the discounts.

    Hope this helps!

  14. Why does NYC get all the good stuff? Just because I live in a boring old place doesn't mean that there shouldn't be fun blogger get-togethers here... All you hilarious people come show up by me so we can hang out, too!

    Really though, it looks and sounds like you had a blast so now you'll just have to continue to aim low!

  15. So glad that you had fun at the party. And true story: I think I pretty much scared the sh*t out of the Barefoot Foodie the entire week I was with her and she is unflappable. She is a lovely person.

  16. You are tooo funny!! I cracked up through all of my snotty watery eyes!! Isn't laughter the best medicine??

  17. I wish all of you could have been there! I'm hoping all of you can make if to Bloger'10 so we can meet up!!!

  18. Eek! I'm such a slacker I kept forgetting to send your picture! It was so great meeting you; you're so fun I wish you lived closer to me ;)

    Don't forget you said you were going to "crop that photo into a V" haha bc I'm so big in it I look like I ate 3 of you!

    And you were drunk off your first martini? I'm kind of glad to hear that...I had 2 (Blaire says 3) martinis and let me just say the train ride home was NOT pretty. Oh well, fun times!

  19. Jealous of all the fun you had! and Hurrah for the Barefoot Foodie love!

    Also, there is a blog award awaiting your collection over at mine! :)

  20. New York has all the fun. lol I'm heading to Deal pro Save up even tomorrow at 6am! It'll probably be a little less wild...since we're all the uber-frugal type. lol

  21. It was great meeting you! That night was so much fun. Thanks for being a part of it.

    PS. I would have totally given you my number.

  22. You crack me up, this was hilarious! You sound like you were the perfect drunk, not too crazy just crazy enough!

  23. Sounds like a blast! Glad you had so much fun!

  24. OMG funny post! Looks like you had a good time! :)

    I miss hangin in NYC.


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