Time-Out for The Wannabe WAHM

It's Thursday again and I am so excited to share my time-out with you!
Thursday is the day to share your 'time-out' and link up to Theta Mom.

In case you are not familiar with Theta Mom (which I doubt, but if you are not... shame on you!) let me explain. She had a brilliant idea called "Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday." The goal is to grab one hour of time within one week to do whatever you want…without the kids. On Thursdays, you post how you spent your “time out” and add her button or link in your post. Make sure to stop by to see how Theta Mom and other mom bloggers spent their time-out!

This week's time out was very uneventful but VERY enjoyable!

This week...

Get ready...

This week, I took a nap!

Jealous much?!

I haven't slept during the day since I gave birth (at the hospital)!

On Monday, Sophia went down for a nap at about 11am and so did mommy! And Sophia was extra nice and actually went right to sleep! Which means I got a good hour sleep before continuing our day.

It was soooo refreshing to take a nap in the middle of the day. I woke up energized, ready to take on the afternoon with fully charged batteries. I think I should really make it a habit to sleep at least 1 nap a week. I work pretty hard every day! I think a liitle shut eye is well deserved :)

What did you do on your time-out this week?

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  1. SLEEP counts girl and I am jealous you got some during the day. I can't remember the last time I did that! BTW, I went to click to vote for you, but how do I find your blog? You should add the link directly to the page where your blog is, maybe? :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by ThetaMom!
    I looked into the Top Mommy Blog voting. Apparently, all you have to do is just click on the link. The website registers everytime someone clicks on it :)

    No extra effort required!

    Thanks for voting!

  3. Isn't it amazing how that one hour can make such a difference for even the rest of the week? usually one or the other of the kids cries out in the middle of the nap, so I don't remember the last time I got a really restful one!

  4. I got to take a nap this week too! it was GREAT! Napping is a great thing for us mommies!
    this is my first time to visit your blog! AND I LOVE IT!!!!

  5. Naps are by far the best time out! You rock! I hope your dream was a fantasy about clean houses and diapers that change themselves! LOL Happy Time out thursday!

  6. Yes...yes I am jealous! I could totally use a nap during the day but alas....my desk at work is very uncomfortable!

    Thanks for following my blog and visiting! Following back and I also stole your button ::::Evil laughter::::

  7. I love getting a nap in !!! I slept in Monday morning and is felt so good.

  8. like I said on another blog, naps are my hobbie. ;)

  9. Taking a nap? Sometimes I lay down and watch tv but can't fal asleep..ugh!!!
    Glad you had a good sleep. You deserve it!
    Happy Thursday!

  10. I can't think of lovelier way to spend some time than to nap!!!

    I also voted for you!

  11. Wow, you are so fortunate! I can't even get to sleep through the night. Great way to get some time out for yourself!

  12. Oh naps are a MUST. I try and do it every day. Otherwise I'm too sleepy to stay up real late with my husband and watch dirty movies.

    My kids are on the same nap schedule, so when they're down, I'm so down.

  13. Happy Thursday mommas!... I am catching up with my emails and blogs. Awesome that you got a nap.

    I need to be in a coma for a week LMAO.......

    Ttyl girl!!

  14. since I work nights I always get to sleep during the day... lol

  15. Ok girl finally posted the awards you gave me on my blog whewww...

  16. I am just catching up on all of the time outs! That's the kind of week it's been. And yes, I am jealous!! You get to nap in waiting rooms and during your daughter's naps! :)

    Emma only sleeps in 30 minute segments, mostly. Boo!

  17. Yay! I had a nap too! Visiting over from


  18. Congrats on the nap! I read a book - The Hollow Crown. I can't nap, it gives me a hangover feeling for the rest of the day

  19. Naps are wonderful things. I ddefinitely don't take enough of them. Hope you felt refreshed afterwards.

  20. Just linked to you in today's post. Go check it out. ;)

  21. A naaaaap.....so jealous, but how great that you got one in! And that you were productive after!

    I voted for you!!!

  22. Thanks so much for voting! You guys are the best! I'm in the top 100 thanks to you!!!!

  23. I posted this on my blog #2


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