Sting + Tequila = Baby!

Most of us like to share our labor story but I want to share with you HOW I became Sophia's Mom.

I have to start my story by letting you know that I am a HUGE Sting and The Police fan. I love their music and I think Sting is SUPER sexy.

The Police reunited for a tour in 2007. I wasn't able to get tickets and I was bummed! Sting was going to be in Madison Square Garden, a few miles from me and I wasn't going to be able to see him!

A few months later, my hubby tells me he has a present for me. Great (enter sarcasm here)! My husband is not the greatest gift giver. For Christmas last year, he gave my a sticker for my phone. For my birthday last year, which was 2 weeks after I had Sophia, he gave me a breast feeding pillow. Sure, I needed one. But that is not the gift you give your wife for her birthday when she just gave YOU a baby! You give her diamonds or a new flat screen TV, not a pillow!

Where was I? 

Ah, yes! Sting is hot! 

Anyway, the gift my husband had for me will go down in our history as the best present ever... The Police was coming back to NYC and my husband got us tickets! Can you believe it!?

So for 2 weeks, he indulged me and listened to The Police all day long because I refused to go to the concert with him if he didn't learn at least one song!

The day came and I was soooo excited. We went to Madison Square Garden and had a few shots of tequila to warm up a bit before the concert. The concert was on Nov. 2nd and it was already cold. 

I don't want to bore you so let's just say that many more shots followed. I sang screamed every song and drunk dialed everyone I knew.

It was the best night ever and I was very grateful when we got home ;-)

We had been trying for 3 months with no success. But all we needed was Sting (in a sleeveless shirt!) and some tequila to make a baby!


My boss/bestest friend ever got tickets to "The View" tomorrow morning and guess who is going to be there... STING! 

My hubby is out of town but will be back on Friday, let's see if Sting can work his magic a second time ;-)


  1. Okay, that's very cool. Please try and not wet your pants when you see him though because that's NOT very cool.

    I met a musician hero of mine recently and I almost cried. Yes, total dork. I don't think he noticed because he continued to speak to me for 10 minutes or so...

    I was in love with Stewart Copeland of The Police (why? I don't know) They were my first concert ever. I was 12. And it was awesome. Have fun tomorrow.

  2. What a great story!
    Have fun and Good Luck!!! :)
    Oh, and don't forget the tequilla!

  3. hahah loved this!!!! You have such a fun blog!
    If you would like come check out my blog and enter my current giveaway at
    I hope you decided to follow me because I try to bring my readers a new and AMAZING giveaway every Monday!

  4. lol, sounds like a perfect combo to me :)

  5. No... but i'm up for anything god sends my way!

  6. LOL! That is a great story! Are you heading to the View with your friend?

  7. What an awesome story! Sting baby! Woo Hoo! Good luck! ;)

  8. Sounds like he is good luck... if this doesnt work.. just watch the movie "The Bride"

    He is super scrumptious in that film

  9. Are you accompanying you friend on "The View?"
    AWESOME if you are!!!

    HAPPY SATURDAY SITFEST!!! You were before me the (second) time I commented. Had to comment again to tell everyone about my cute Halloween post....

  10. Great story! Glad I stopped by. Oh yeah, good luck the second time around ;).

  11. LOL, love this post. Have a GREAT time at the View.

  12. Hysterical! All it takes is a cocktail (or 2...) sometimes!! And Sting is GREAT inspiration!! Best of luck on #2 :-)

  13. And one day little Sophia is going to grow up and read this blog and be SO embarrassed.

    :) Have fun with Sting!

  14. We have the same crafty momma. LOL Just wanted to say Hi and You have a cute blog.


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