Sarcasm's Not For Everyone: Featured Sarcastic Mom Blog of the Week

Sarcastic Wednesday is back ladies!

This is one of my favorite post ideas and I have been so sad because I haven't featured a sacastic mommy in months! It's been really hard to find sarcastic mommas on the blogosphere lately!

But I found one for you! Well, she actually found me but who the hell cares how it happened! The point is we found eachother and now I want you to know all about her!

In case you are unfamiliar, Sarcastic Wednesdays here at the Wannabe WAHM blog is about featuring a Sarcastic Mom blog. Pretty simple, right?

And the lucky mom blogger this week is:

Life's Crazy Joke

Mrs. Call Me Crazy is absolutely insane and I love reading about her life. It's just like yours BUT FUNNIER!

Her mom even asked her to post a disclaimer! Can you believe it? Her mommy wants to make sure that everyone knows that she didn't raise her like this and is unsure about where she went wrong.

Listen Mrs. Call Me Crazy's Mom! You did everything right! Your daughter is one of the funniest bloggers out there. So pretend she's not your daughter, pull up a chair, prepare a mixed drink and have yourself a laugh!

So if I've managed to talk you into visiting the newest member of the Sarcasm's Not For Everyone Blog Roll then take a look at her
Honest Crap post. It's a hysterical acceptance of her first blog award. My fav is #2. Apparently she helped save her husband’s soul through the power of Jesus and BJs. (I'm giggling right now just thinking about this post).

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  1. I voted for you a DC but I couldn't find the way to vote at Top Mommy Blogs? Good luck!

  2. ohhhh i am loving this sacrasm wednesday!

  3. Thank you so much WannabeWAHM!!! What a fun surprise today! I will be your Sacastic Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday too! You are my new BFF.

  4. Jesus and BJ's.. bet a lot of guys would see god for a BJ..pmsl.. will be visiting her blog.

    I live for sarcasm.

  5. You were right, her blog is awesome. I'm looking forward to next week for you to point me in the direction of another good laugh!

  6. Glad you guys are loving this week's sarcastic mom blog!

  7. That's funny! I like sarcasm :)

  8. Going to check it out right now! I LIVE sarcasm! :-)

  9. Your funny! I like your blog! I amhere to follow you thru the MBC! I also like her blog as well!

  10. Life's Crazy Joke was too funny! Thanks for my laugh today! Hope you have a Happy SITS day!

  11. Oh I love her blog!
    Good choice!


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