Go Baby Go!™ Stride-to-Ride® Lion & Laugh & Learn™ Learning Farm Review and Coupon!

So the wonderful people over at Fisher Price sent Sophia not 1 but 2 toys to test drive so that mommy could blog all about it.

They sent us:
Go Baby Go!™ Stride-to-Ride® Lion      and     Laugh & Learn™ Learning Farm

Both items were pretty easy to assemble. Go Baby Go!™ Stride-to-Ride® Lion took about 15 minutes to put together. And I assembled Laugh & Learn™ Learning Farm while Sophia was taking a nap (took me about 30 minutes).

As you can tell from the box, Go Baby Go!™ Stride-to-Ride® Lion can be used as a walker or your child can ride on it! Sophia has a lion fetish so this toy could not have been more perfect for her. It has the silliest roar and laugh plus 2 fun songs to dance to (no words, just music... THANK GOD!). She pushes it all over the house roaring the whole time. It is just too cute for words! I still haven't figured out how to upload video to my blog but I am on it because you really have to see this. It's hysterical!

Sophia loves her Go Baby Go!™ Stride-to-Ride® Lion so much that even when she is playing with other toys she'll come over and push it's nose to get the music going, dance around next to it and then go back to what she was doing!

The Laugh & Learn™ Learning Farm is another great product we received. My favorite feature is the light switch! It has a cute little lamp with a huge light switch and the lamp turns on and off. Sophia also has a light switch fetish. She will stand underneath the light switch and beg to be hoisted up so she can turn it on, and off, and on, and off, and on... You get the point. Since we got the Laugh & Learn™ Learning Farm she has been switch her lamp on and off and leaving the regular ones alone.

This toy has fun features on both sides and plenty of animal noises to keep your little one entertained. The little barn door in the middle swings back and forth and I had to crawl (more like wiggle) through it to show Sophia how it's done but she loves crawling through there now. It also has some fun veggie shapes for sorting or feeding the cow. Sophia has been trying to eat the eggs and the carrots! What a silly little girl (pics were really hard to take because she won't stand still for 2 seconds!).

Thanks Fisher Price for sending my little girl these great toys!


Fisher Price is offering $20 off any purchase of $100 or more. Click here to get your discount today! The use for this discount is limited so don't wait!

I have a birthday coming up and am using the coupon to purchase Go Baby Go!™ Stride-to-Ride® Lion.

Disclaimer: Fisher Price only provided me with these 2 items. No monetary compensation or other form of compensation was received for this review :-)  It is my honest opinion.


  1. Those are so cute! Don't the bright colors just make you happy?!!

  2. That is awesome! I wish Fisher Price would send us some free toys! lol :)

  3. The colors are unbelievable. I was amazed at how much fun she has with them both. She pretty much only plays with these 2 now. Well, these and the Sort n Play Pelican from Tiny Love (see my review). She just loves sticking random objects/foods into the sorting slots.

  4. We had the house version of the farm when my kids were younger. They absolutely loved it and played with it forever. A great toy and it stores against a wall nicely.


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