Domestic Heaven: I have No Idea What I'm Doing!

Yesterday I burnt 2 fingers when I went to move the pot of rice I was making (and by making, I mean following the instruction on the bag of rice. you didn't know it came with directions did you?).

"Well, why didn't you use pot holders, Sophia's Mom?" you must be asking yourself. The answer is simple (and stupid)... I don't own any.

I don't know how to cook, nor have I made many attempts at learning how to. I don't have the appropriate utensils, I don't own a cook book, I don't understand the terminology... You get my point!

Now, I have a husband I can't cook for and a baby (toddler, really) that eats the same flavorless foods everyweek.

And that is just the tip of the gigantic undomesticated iceberg that is my life!

My mother is blissfully undomestic. She doesn't clean, sew, cook, bake or partake in any other activity that would be categorized as 'domestic.' Mom, I know you are reading this but I am hoping your English comprehension (or lack thereof) don't fully allow you to understand what I am trying to say. To put it nicely, she can't even fry an egg... I have photographic evidence. But that's neither here nor there. Maybe I'm just looking for someone to blame. But that's material for another post.

Ok. Where were we?

Ah, yes! Sophia's Mom = Lame Undomestic Burnt Fingers Diva Mommy

So after 4 years of marriage and 14 months of mommyhood under my belt you would think that I would have this down or at least somewhat down. But no. You wanna know why? I. Dont. Want. To.

Yes, I admit it. I don't want to! I have not tried to learn how to do anything domestic. The only thing I can sew is a button and I want to keep it that way because once I learn how to do anything else, there come the requests.'Honey, can you hem these pants?... Honey, can you fix this tear?' I'm not gonna do it. And if I do, it's probably gonna take me like 3 weeks to get to it because I have other things on my plate like taking care of a baby, blogging, watching Grey's Anatomy... The list is endless!

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Let's face it. Ignorance is bliss. That ain't no lie. And why would I want to give that up? Although, I have to admit that since my super awesome babysitter left (you can read my sob story here) I've had to take one for the team and get creative with Sophia's menu.

But she's the only one I'm cooking for. I mean it! (You heard that, Sophia's Dad!)

Don't look at me if you're hungry 'cause the only thing you are getting is take-out or flan (the only think I can make from scratch and without a recipe).

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So, to wrap this up. I want to know if any of you proudly claim ignorance (or at least lie and claim ignorance to get out of doing something) about something.

Share with me. I can't be the only one... Or am I?

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  1. I shall definitely check out your giveaway :D

  2. I really need to take this route more often.

    I have a good friend who I love who knows that I'm crafty... meaning when her son decided he wanted to be some Pokemon character for Halloween this year, who got the bag of fabric dropped on their doorstep this morning? Yep, me.

    As for cooking, I do enough to get by, but our meals are pretty flavorless, too. Plus we rotate through the same 5 things every week, are we the only ones who do that? It's pretty sad.

  3. I'm pretty sure we are not the only ones! And it's not sad. It's reality! June Cleaver was making us all look bad! But it's not real! At least not in my book :)

  4. I can be kind of an airhead, so it works to my advantage if my husband asks me if I did something that I was supposed to, but I didn't. I just say I didn't hear him, or I "forgot". Then I smile.

  5. I say embrace the fact that you don't like to cook. Who says just because you're a woman and a mom you MUST cook. And do it WELL.

    I, on the other hand am a fantastically amazing wonderful stupendous cook (a little much, huh?) but if you pointed a gun at my head there is no way in hell I could sew a button on anything.

    Just maybe buy some pot holders so you can hold onto all of your digits.

  6. I wish there was someone in the house to cook every now and then, but unfortunately it's just me. I actually like to cook most of the time though...I know, crazy! ha ha!

    The one thing that I don't like to do though is sew. I can sew little things, but I really don't like to do it. I only do it when I must do it. I wish I liked to do it and could do it really well, but I don't.

  7. Voted. And I have to say that being undomestic is completely hip. I know...I'm in the club too!

  8. I want the flan and I want it now!

  9. I am NOT June Cleaver, either and my cut and dump post is a testament to that! :)

  10. thank you so much for my morning smile!!! i love when people just admit they "can't or don't want to." i am a self taught cook, but always have had a love for food, for better or worse! LOl but have to admit take out isn't so bad and i LOVE flan! anytime you want to send one over i'm up for it! :)

    thanks so much for stopping over my blog and leaving your message to me! cyberbulling really has gotten way out of line and parents today, well that is just cause for a whole blog post! LOL but being tht fact that your a new mom, i can tell you will not be like "most" unfortunate parents of today... keep open communication with your daughter as she grows, it is sooo important for so many reasons and this is just one, but it might save her life! i'd be happy to have you repost my blog if you would like, just let me know!! you can also join the group of wiredmoms to keep informed and just keep talking! it's got to shut some bully or bully's parents up! have a wonderful day and please stop by anytime!

  11. At least you have an excuse.. my mom is a goddess and me ...... not so much.

  12. I hate pretty much everything that has to do with domesticity, except maybe cooking. I like to do it, but can't say I'm good at it.

    I can't think of anything I've feigned ignorance of to get out of, my husband on the other hand is a different story. He can never find anything in our house and I don't think he really ever tries. He is constantly asking me where everything from his keys, to his sunglasses, to a hammer is. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes annoying.

  13. I wish I claimed ignorance about cooking, but I really can't cook!

    found you via Mami.


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