The Wannabe Broken Heart

My heart is broken today...

I mentioned a few months back that Sophia's nanny was moving back to her country in September and yesterday was her last day.

I am heartbroken and my overwhelming sadness has taken me by surprise. I knew I would miss her but I could have never imagined I would feel like this.

I was reluctant to find someone to care for Sophia but I had to return to work. From day one, Aunt Maria (what we came to call her) gave us so much confidence in her abilities and love for our baby that I was able to go back to work without a care in the world.

She cared for my precious baby as if it were her own. She loved her, made her food, cared for her, played for her and taught her sooo many things... and for all of that, I will never be able to repay her.

Aunt Maria came into our lives and unexpectedly stole our hearts. She became our friend, aunt, mother and grandmother. She became part of our family.

This morning was the start of a new period in our lives. One without Aunt Maria and it makes me sad. I want Sophia to remember her and how much she cared for her and loved us. But she is only 13 months old and it makes me heavyhearted to know that she probably will not remember.

I miss her already and I hope that we will be able to keep intouch and have her be part of Sophia's life.

Going to keep crying now...



  1. Oh, what a bummer girl! At least you can cherish the time you had with her and when your daughter is older, share pictures and memories and tell her how much you loved her as the Nanny. Hang in there!

  2. Oh that is so sad. I hope you took some snapshots so you can share with her when she is able to understand. It is so rare to find someone who will not only care for your child but to love them too.

    Chin up girl!!! Chin up!!

  3. i'm sorry that you're sad. i'm sure that you'll tell your daughter all about aunt maria, and how much you cared for her.

  4. I'm sorry. I am sure that is tough. But, she is family now, and family will be in your life forever if you choose, so I am sure your baby will get to meet her someday! Keep those memories and pictures in a scrapbook for her!

  5. AWWW!!! I would lose my mind without my totally awesome babysitters. They have basically become my surrogate family. My family is all 800+ miles away. They threw my baby shower for me. They were the first people to come visit me in the hospital when I had Lorelli. And they were the ones that offered to watch her "for a few weeks" when I went back to work until I could find a suitable daycare. 4 years later they call me on vacations to ask how THEIR baby is and tell me that they miss her so much.

    I TOTALLY empathize with your love for her. But just because she is gone does not mean she needs to be forgotten. There is email and mail and pictures and presents that can still be shared betwixt you guys!!

    I will keep you in my thoughts sweetie.

  6. Thanks for all of your support. I really don't know what I would do you without you guys!

  7. Oh so sad. It sounds like you had a true angel in Aunt Maria! You should definitely make an effor to keep in touch with her so hopefully someday your daughter will get the chance to know her.

  8. This post made me sad and I didn't even know Aunt Maria!

    Just think of it this way, you were SO lucky to have found her in the first place, right? How many people have the opportunity to welcome someone into their lives that they can completely trust their child to and know that they will be loved and cared for perfectly while they are away?

    Sophia will always have the pictures and all of your stories and memories. What a lucky girl!

  9. Alexandra you are absolutely right... she is a true angel. As Grissell pointed out, it is one thing to find someone to care for your child, an another to find someone that will love them...

    Great, here come the waterworks again!

  10. Nice that she was so special in your life. Only natural to be sad.

    Found you on twitter..come visit my blog as well.


  11. I have something that MIGHT make you smile for a just a second over on my blog!

  12. I'm so sorry. She was like family to you. I'm glad we have the internet now. You'll be able to keep in touch with her more easily.

  13. Ohhh *hugs* mama! We are thinking of you!! Sophia may not remember her, but you can always always always talk about her and what a great care taker she was.

  14. i remember how my parents used to tell me stories about my great nanny when i was a kid, but had to leave for family reasons. they remember the memories but keep forgetting the name. and guess what? I didnt forget her name, not even once.

    the memories are there to stay :)hope you'll feel good soon!

    doin my round of commenting on followers!


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