Time-Out for The Wannabe WAHM

It's Thursday again.

Which means it's time to share your 'time-out' and link up toTheta Mom.

In case you are not familiar with Theta Mom (which I doubt, but if you are not... shame on you!) let me explain. She had a brilliant idea called "Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday." The goal is to grab one hour of time within one week to do whatever you want…without the kids. On Thursdays, you post how you spent your “time out” and add her button or link in your post. Make sure to stop by to see how Theta Mom and other mom bloggers spent their time-out!

Last week I wasn't able to join in on the linky fun because I didn't get a time-out but last Thursday after work I went out for a girls night with a friend from work.

At 4:50PM we fixed our hair and applied a little make-up (big deal for me, it's been a while). At 5PM on the dot we were at the front of our office building hailing a cab and headed to the West Village.

We ended up having a few beers at a bar that NYU students hang out in. Some of them were playing beer pong. I had heard of this game before but I never actually seen anyone play. My friend and I actually got suckered into playing and thank God she has good aim because my night out would have taken a horribly drunken turn if it had not been for her. We actually won!

Unfortunately, by the time I got home Sophia was asleep. Of course, I snuck into her room to take a peak :)

It was so nice to get dressed up and feel sexy. I finally lost all of my baby weight and I am ecstatic! Bad new is I am still flabby and I might actually have to bite the bullet and exercise...

I promised myself that next week I will take a time out that does not involve drinking. Maybe a massage?

Until next Thursday...

P.S. Have you noticed that this is my 3rd post this week? If you haven't already, check them about below.


  1. I am so jealous! You lost all of your baby weight??? That's awesome. I'm still working on mine. Beer pong brings me back to those college days! How fun grabbing some beers in the city with a friend? Love that time out girl and thanks so much for linking up and being so fab! :)

  2. does it count that my baby fat is 15 years old. lol.

    But at least I do get time to myself now.

  3. The Theta Mom Thursday is a great idea- so I booked a massage for this afternoon! First time out of the house alone in weeks :)

  4. That is awesome! I need to just get all dolled up and out of the house too.

    Happy timeout thursday!

  5. Girl...I've never played beer bong too much of a lightweight, lol! Glad that you had a good time.

    BTW, I'm now stalking you too! lol

  6. Look at you partying with the young kids! I'm glad you got some time away!

  7. Nice job dropping that baby weight!!! I've only heard of beer pong because of my much younger sister, she actually owns a table...yikes.

  8. Way to go on losing the baby weight! I never heard of beer pong. Sounds like you had a fun night with your friend.

  9. I am glad you had a great time. Congrats on losing all your baby weight!!

  10. Going out and lookin' purdy sounds like fun!

  11. My husband just finished his tour in Iraq right after coming home from Korea so I look forward to "me" time. Thanks for the info and visited my blog!! :-)

  12. What about a massage WHILE drinking? I'm in!!!

  13. MaryMac you are a genius! A massage while drinking! Quick! patent that before someone steals your idea!


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