Time-Out for The Wannabe WAHM

It's Thursday again.

Which means it's time to share your 'time-out' and link up toTheta Mom. In case you are not familiar with Theta Mom (which I doubt, but if you are not... shame on you!) let me explain. She had a brilliant idea called "Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday." The goal is to grab one hour of time within one week to do whatever you want…without the kids. On Thursdays, you post how you spent your “time out” and add her button or link in your post. Make sure to stop by to see how Theta Mom and other mom bloggers spent their time-out!

Last Friday was a friend's birthday. My mom came over to take care of Sofia (which translates to watching TV on our couch since we have been blessed with a 'sleepy head' baby that has been sleeping through the night since she was 6 weeks old).

Hubby and I met up with 2 other couples to celebrate. Since it was the first night out in a very long time for me, I decided to get get my drink on! Luckily for our bank account, I am a cheap date. Two drinks into it I was giggling like a giddy school girl (I don't know why I like to use this reference so much...) and by drink three, I was ready to start trying to make baby #2!

So we played some pool...more like, I watched everybody else play pool. God did not give me the gift of hand-eye coordination but he did give me the gift of fabulousness personified in my little baby, so we're cool.

We sang 'Happy Birthday' and shared some cupcakes. All my hard work dieting in order to be able to zip up my skinny jeans without feeling like I might become sterile from skishing my insides...down the drain, but dammit, I LOVE cupcakes!

And as you may recall from your pre-baby days, drinking leads to craving breakfast food at 1 am. And I had already blown my diet by drinking and eating a cupcake, so what the hell! Hubby and I headed to a diner to get our grub on. Guess what I ordered? Come on! It's not fun if you don't guess...

French toast with syrup and bacon!

I know what you are thinking... But I had never eaten french toast until I was 8 months pregnant and it was heaven. I had not had any ever since and I wanted to know if that was just the pregnancy or if in fact it was a clogged artery wrapped up in deliciousness. Verdict? It still tastes like HEAVEN!

So, did you take a 'time-out' this week? Link up to Theta Mom and share with us!

And in case you are wondering, by the time we got home we were so exhausted that drunken sex was not an option. Maybe next time ;-)


  1. you go girl! Aaaahhh, the good old days of drinking and breakfast food binging. Loved 'em, but I don't miss those dang hangovers! I'm glad you had fun!

  2. Girl, there is never a time that I come to read your blog and don't smile. You always make me laugh! Oh, those were the days...drinking like a fish and then grabbing some good old breakfast in the wee hours of the AM. Sounds like a perfect night out with the hubs to me! So glad you got your drink on and that you joined us again! I'm surprised you didn't say you "bumped" into another cutie celebrity! LOL

    Thanks again for being Theta awesome girl! :)

  3. Go Theta Moms!
    My fave is Peanut Butter, banana and honey French toast sandwiches with syrup yummmmmmmmmm Breakfast for Dinner tonight, kids!

  4. ROFL that is too funny!!! Glad you had a great time out.


  5. i looved reading that! my hubby and i are usually too tired from the adults beverages for any nookie also!

    amen on the french toast...had it for breakfast this morning! my ass hates me, but its oh so delicious!
    ~Tina :o)

  6. What a great idea!

    ...stopping by from SITS...

    Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge


  7. I haven't had one of those late night/early morning breakfasts since college! That whole outing sounds great!

  8. French toast? Yummy!!! Even I feel guilty after I eat..hehe..a weight watcher here :-)
    Love your post!!!

  9. I'm glad you were able to have such a good night out! French toast sounds awesome right now.

    Thanks for visiting earlier! I love your blog!

  10. sounds like such a fun night!!! I miss those days! And french toast is definitely the best!

  11. What, no early a.m. nooky?!? : )

    nice blog redo!


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