Review: Sort N' Play Pelican by Tiny Love

As I mentioned in a previous post ebeanstalk, a website dedicated to selling learning and development toys, chose me (or should I say, Sophia... she played with it and I get to write about it) to be a toy tester!

So, the deal is: ebeanstalk sends me a toy, Sophia plays with it, and I write about my thoughts on my blog. If you have been reading my blog with regularity then you know that I am brutally honest about everything. And a free toy will not change that.

Here goes...
The toy that arrived in a medium sized box delivered by the UPS guy was the Sort n' Learn Pelican from Tiny Love. I ripped into the box like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. It is adorable! Look at the picture below and tell me it's not cute! The bright colors caught Sophia's attention right away but I am a big tease and it was time for bed, so Sophia had to go to sleep and wait...

The next morning after breakfast we set forth on our task to review/play with the Pelican. Sophia, as you might assume, already has a sorting toy but she doesn't pay too much attention to it. As soon as she saw the Pelican she pointed at it and 'demanded' to play with it.

The Sort n' Play Pelican can be set to three different languages (English, Spanish and French) and as the shape is dropped into the corresponding slot it plays sounds, names the shape or the color. We are a trilingual home so we were very excited to be able to set the language to something other than English! I was also pleased with the sounds that it makes... finally, something different!!! I SWEAR THAT EVERY TOY WE OWN MAKES THE SAME SOUND!
Back to Sophia's thoughts on the Sort N' Learn Pelican...

I developed my very own system of testing the toy. First, I gave it to her removed from all other toys. She played with it for over an hour!!! That has never happened! She normally plays with a new toy for about 20 minutes, if we are lucky, and then moves on to other things, like trying to pull our cat's tail... She loved putting the shapes in the slots and having the toy 'reward' her with a silly sound or a word.

After lunch (she ate with the green circle clutched in her little hand) we let her play with it again, this time with some of her favorite toys surrounding her. Guess what? She went right towards the Sort N' Play Pelican! After a few minutes she proceeded to search around the room for other things she could put in the Pelican's mouth... There was one day she managed to stick a strawberry in the circle slot, jajaja :)

After a week, I put the third and final phase of my testing into practice. I set the Sort N' Play Pelican to the side where she could still see it while she was surrounded by other toys. As soon as she noticed the Sort N' Play Pelican she made a bee line right to it.
After 2 weeks of rigorous testing (playing) I have to say that it has become one of her favorite toys. Sometimes I am carrying her around the house and she sees it out of the corner of her eye and she looses her mind! She wants to jump out of my arms to go play with it (which is why I am throwing that sucker in the garbage, I don't need the competition! just kidding...).

The Sort N' Play Pelican is great for developing motor skills since they are picking up shapes and putting them into the corresponding slots and opening and closing the pelican's beak. It is much more engaging than ordinary sorting toys. I've only had it for a few weeks but I would qualify it as durable since Sophia decided to fling it a couple of feet so she could play with it in the hallway and it did not break.

My only complaint would be that I thought the sound was too low, at least in the begining. Maybe I got used to it or maybe other toys are just too loud but I am ok with the volume now.

I would highly recommend this toy to anyone looking to purchase a toy for a child between the ages of 6 - 36 months. In fact, I have 2 birthday parties coming up within the next to weeks, 1st and 2nd birthdays (a boy and a girl) and they are both getting the Sort N' Play Pelican!

I wonder if ebeanstalk would give me a discount for writing an awesome review and purchasing 2 Sort N' Play Pelcians???

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  1. That looks like such a fun toy. I bet my son and daughter both would love it. I will have to go to their site now. Thanks for the review :) Looks like your little one had fun. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I bet my daughter would love that because in the picture, your little one looks like she's enjoying it! Your comment at the end, I can't believe they haven't given you a discount or anything! WHAT???

  3. Thanks for the great review! I have to go check it out!

  4. Great review, I will check it out as well!


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