Find the Romantic / Chick Flick Moment in Your Life: Tip #2 for Improving Your Marriage

How many times have you seen a romantic movie and thought, "I wish my husband was like that..."

Well ladies, it's time for a reality check! I know this might be hard for you to accept but...

Titanic was not based on a real life story!

In real life, Rose and Jack would have sunk to the bottom of the ocean arguing about which one of them was going to get to float on that door.
Ok Rose... Now it's my turn to get on, this water is freezing!

Romantic movies but concepts of romanticism into our heads that may never be. I know that I will never come home to a bed full of roses. That is just not my husband and I'm ok with that now. Plus, think of the clean up! Rose petals would stain my white comforter and I would have to spend a fortune on Oxyclean!

However, he does things that not are classified as 'romantic' by mainstream thought but should be. For example, he knows that I am not a morning person and I have the hardest time getting out of bed. So this Saturday, he let me sleep in late. That's his way of being romantic!

We have to celebrate these acts of kindness/appreciation from our husbands/partners!

Imagine that you are watching a romantic movie with Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman (you guys know how much I love Wolverine). They fall in love, get married, have kids... Scene: Kate Winslet wakes up, notices it is past noon. She staggers to the living room to find Jackman playing with their kids.

What goes through your mind at that exact moment?


Exactly! Sure, my husband looks nothing like Hugh Jackman (although he has a resemblance to Wolverine... he's very hairy) nor I like Kate Winslet, and we only have one baby but that is the scene that played out in my home this Saturday morning.

Now do you see where I am going with this?

So let's do an exercise...

Think of something kind that your husband did recently (within the last year is still recent in my book) and describe it in the comments section of this post like a scene from a romantic movie! Got the creative juices flowing? Write a post and link up to my blog. Make sure to leave a comment so that we can all check it out!

Make sure to check in next Monday for Tip #3!


  1. Well, I just separated. So... But he IS a really great guy, we just wanted different things in life. And he did a lot of the work in the home. He was lousy at buying flowers and he didn't take that much initiative but he often did the shopping and cleaning the house etc. Anyone looking for a really great guy I know one that is available. Only issue is that it is very difficult to get any answers from him, and he might not seem very engaged, plus he is VERY happy where he is so you will have to go to him...

    Like your blog!

  2. Montage scene:

    Different shots of Unknown Mami in the morning. Each shot shows the passage of time over 8 years.

    In every shot Unknown Papi brings her a cup of coffee.

    That's love baby!

    Thanks for the inspiration, I might have to write a post about this.


    Inspired by your post.

  4. Setting:

    War torn Iraq, bombs and rockets firing all around.


    Jim, my faithful, loving husband, is rushing around inside the theater. He frantically is looking for it but can't find it. It's hidden under the rubble of the fall out from the attack that hit the corner of the building and caved in that side. The walls broke apart like sand but he scraped and dug until he found the cord. He ever so strongly pulled the cord towards him with such determination that you would have thought it was a beer on the other hand. He finally got it to him, now gasping, he picked it up and dialed a long number. It seemed forever as he had to input all those digits. The phone rang, I said "hello?" He said "Hi Honey, I've been trying to call you for days and I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing part of my life and I love you so much."

    Disclaimer: Okay...he was in Iraq, he wasn't under attack and his usual job was sitting in front of a computer at some obscure base in the middle of nowhere, Iraq. He did really call and say that to me!

  5. My hubby is super sweet. One thing he does for me: he always cleans up around the house extra when my friends come over (before & during). One time, one of my friends accused him of being OCD - because she said that "you are always cleaning the kitched and putting stuff away". He totally ISN'T OCD (she would know this if she could see how he is when noone comes over). He says he just wants me to be able to not have to worry and clean up after everyone when my friends are over - that I should be able to relax and have our "girl time".

    AWWWWWW... what a sweetie! :)

  6. Oh, and thanks for stopping by and leaving bloggy love for me! :)

    ~ AquarianJwl

  7. Very interesting post; gives me something to chew on. I do need to work better on my marriage and romance; I shouldn't assume that it's always up to him to be the initiator/aggressor (sp) with affection either. That's an area I need to work on. Well, nice to meet you. Following you from MBC. Hope to see you soon and I'll check back for tip #3 on Monday I hope.

  8. Oh, duh, forgot to write the lovely thing my husband has done for me lately....think, think, think....just kidding! Actually my husband is a very sensitive man and he knows I'm a very domesticated wife in all areas of housecleaning, rearing the children, everything else, but as far as I can throw a biscuit I HATE to cook!! It's never been my thing. Funny how God brought us together though because he actually enjoys cooking and even watching Bobby Flay, No Reservations, and other Food Network programs on TV. So the wonderful blessings he gives to me is cooking more often than I should admitt to. I used to be more embarrassed but not so much anymore; it's just how we rumble I guess. Oh, and by the way, you aren't the only one who has a major hard time getting out of bed in the mornings....I'm a HUGE night time owl; just look at the time I'm writing this comment....I got used to surviving off of 3-4 hours of sleep per night because it's my only quiet time; ME time, which burns me in the morning to take my daughter to Kindergarten and watch my almost 4 year old. So yeah, no sleep and needing to get up in 2 hours is gonna hurt....I dread getting up early too!!! UGH!! On that note; goodnight!!! (Yawn) :O

  9. thanks for stopping by and writing about the your husbands and the 'romantic' things they do for you!

    - Be sure to check out Unknown Mami's post, she is an amazing writer.
    - God's not Finished with us yet: I am a TOTAL night owl. My husband drags me to bed sometimes because while I can function with only a few hours of sleep, I am much nicer when I am rested.
    - Youthful tips: WOW! Your husband called you to tell you that! That's amazing!
    - Aquarian JWL: that's really sweet. My hubby is totally OCD when people come over!

  10. Just a great idea! I love it. Of course, I think it would also work if you pictured your husband as Hugh Jackman but maybe that's just me.

  11. I think we all have a different view of what's romantic, but to me it's those little things that show real love that mean the most. Like the cup of coffee in the morning, or letting me sleep in, or just telling me I'm beautiful, and knowing he means it. Those are the things that are romantic to me more so than flowers and such that he feels he has to do to be romantic. If that makes This is a good topic. It's so interesting to see people's different views of what is romantic.
    Stopping by from MBC and following your awesome blog. Great job!

  12. My husband is least romantic person in the world. I love him dearly but when it comes to romance, he doesn't have a clue. I drop hints of things I'd like him to do but I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

  13. Oh i love my husband so much. He is a romantic one at core! He brings me flowers when i expect less(you know it's predictable on anniversaries and such.. yet he still does that.. but it's so much more surprising when it's an ordinary day and we didn't even fight or something)he is awesome! Plus i love that he is very careful to my needs as a woman, as his wife and he is also very engaged in house cleaning(he doesn't maintain it) but he always help when he's home(even if he's tired).. and doing the dishes(that i hate btw) it's naturally his job:)
    So i guess i'm 'stuck' with a good one :)
    Great initiative! Oh and btw stop by if you want to find out what REALLY happened last night!
    Happy Thursday!

  14. Well - you know I am going through junk right now. Not with my husband because I am not married, but with my boyfriend. He is not overly romantic, either. But then again, very few men are as romantic as they are in the movies. Unfortunately. Mine has given me flowers before for no reason. When we first started dating he would sometimes bring me a Pepsi or an Orange Gatorade because I love those two drinks. He recently bought me some Pomegranate Medley ice cream while we were grocery shopping. He bought me Sonic the Hedgehog and Monopoly and Bejeweled for Xbox360 a couple months ago.

    This weekend he invited me to dinner. Then asked me to stay the night with him and we spent the entire Labor Day together. I woke up with his arms wrapped tightly around me and his warm breath on my neck. That's about the best thing I could ask for right now.


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