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The Wannabe WAHM is PR friendly!

Would you like me to review your product or/and host a giveaway?
Would you like to advertise on my blog and help me pay off my student loans?

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* I do want to make clear that I will NOT advertise products that I have not tried and approve of.


  1. I don't have anything for you to review or advertise, just wanted to thank you for always checking out my blog (Down the Hatch.) Also want to say dang, I'm impressed you have an ivy league education. My brother-in-law was accepted to MIT for robotics (total smart nerd) and didn't go because of his girlfriend. She ended up cheating on him and getting pregnant by some loser. He did get his degree from Utah State, definitely not as prestigious, but he still worked hard. Wish I could make a lot of moolah off my blog, any pointers? Looks like you are doing a better job at it than me! Love the nursery, it looks great.
    Have a good weekend.

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