Sarcasm's Not For Everyone: Featured Sarcastic Mom Blog Of The Week

It's Wednesday y'all! And you know what that means... It's Sarcastic Wednesdays here at the Wannabe WAHM blog and it's time to present to you this week's Featured Sarcastic Mom Blog of the Week.

And the lucky mom blogger this week is:

She just landed the 7th place for the Funniest Blogger Contest in the 2009 BlogLuxe Awards!168 blogs were nominated so you know she must be providing some good laughs. The competition was tough, our very own Featured Sarcastic Mom Blog from two weeks ago, Pajamas and Coffee, landed 8th place(She is also giving the Barefoot Foodie some blog love today) .

I have absolutely no recollection of how I found her but again, I am in blog love! Am I turning into a blog lesbian? Do you get that joke? I don't consider myself funny because I always feel I have to explain my jokes...

I digress, back to Barefoot Foodie. Mom of three (she just popped out a little girl) and professional potty mouth (love it!), Barefoot Foodie should come with a disclaimer.
All blog readers, you are advised to not consume any liquids or solids while reading the Barefoot Foodie blog as it might result in accidental choking.
I command you to visit her blog and read one hilarious post after another until your bowels give in.
Please make sure to mention the WannabeWAHM sent you. I have a blog crush and I want her to like me. It's weird but I have very little friends in real life. I live in NYC. Don't judge me!


  1. dude i am totally thankful for your double sugar bloggy lesbo linky love to my lil Jammies and Java blog... and appearing in the same sentence as MY bloggirl crush Barefoot Foodie? omg. Wait- are you trying to steal her from me? Because she is MY BLOGGIRL CRUSH and I will EFF YOU UP! Ahem. Just kidding.

    (Wait- Lesbian Blogger Triangle thing might get us all TONS OF PAGE HITS! lol)

    And you know what else? You're right. Sarcasm's NOT for Everyone...Just the Sexy People.

  2. OMG - you are so right about NOT having anything in your mouth while reading her blog. She is hilarious. I found BarefootFoodie from one of my favorite bloggers TheSpitefulChef who follows her on Twitter. I thought, well if spiteful chef thinks she is funny then she must be hilarious

  3. I laughed at your joke even before you explained it.

    I'm off to check out your recommendation.

  4. MaryMac - Lesblogian threesome? I think our page hits would be in the millions! Of course sarcasm is only for sexy people! I've been sarcastic since I was in the womb! Have you looked in the mirror latey? I have, and since I started expressing my sarcastic self on my blog, I think I am getting sexier by the post!

    Charisse - i am going to have to check out this Spiteful Chef!

    Unknown mami - You are THE BEST follower ever! (Ladies, please don't be jealous... I try to love you all equally but Unknown Mami reads by blog ALL the time).

    On another note- Just because I don't comment doesn't mean I don't follow your blogs. I try to go back on the weekends to the blogs I read over the week and leave comments then.

  5. Just stopping by to catch up with your blog. I am off to get a good laugh now!

  6. Hi -- thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your idea of Sarcastic Wednesdays -- I signed on as a follower!

    Because I feel the need to add my two cents, please read the comment I left on your post:

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009
    Self-Sabotage... How Can You Stop It?

    Dee :D

  7. -->I saw Barefoot Foodie for the first time today and LAUGHED so hard a few times.

  8. Just headed over Barefoot Foodie blog, and got great laughs from her posts. A blog worth reading indeed.

    By the way, as a fellow MBC member and a Follow Me Club member, I have followed you and follwed your tweeter as well. :)

    Maricel - Momhood Moments


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