Sarcasm's Not For Everyone: Featured Sarcastic Mom Blog of the Week

It is so hard for me to chose only one sarcastic mom blog a 
week. I fantasize all week about Sarcastic Wednesdays here 
at the Wannabe WAHM blog and which of the fantastic mom 
blogs that I am following should I feature.

I want to give props to all of you fabulous moms out there that 
take to the Internet and blog. I really enjoy reading what you 
have to say, especially if you make me laugh!

This week's featured sarcastic blog is:

Amanda is the name behind the blog. She is a mother of two 
who blogs about life in San Francisco. They share their home 
with 2 cats, a rescue dog named Mango and a guy who calls 
himself Dad. I highly recommend you stop by her blog and 
check her out.

One of my favorite posts from her blog is 


  1. got you a couple of awards in my blog.=) hope you can grab it soon.^^

  2. Really? For me?
    Thank you so much!!!
    I will check it out right now!

  3. I just love sarcasm so much! This is a great idea. I will go check out your friend.
    Dropped by from SITS.

  4. Hi Sophia's Mom!! JUST got your email. I am currently 3000 miles from home with my two kids and NO husband.

    It's been a real treat (insert sarcasm here)

    My little one (16 months) is a nightmare with the time change and my 3 year old, well she's a 3 year old!

    Needless to say I have not been checking email or blogging (my favorite things next to wine) so THANK YOU for even taking the time to read my little blog, it means a lot!!!!

  5. Amanda, thanks for stopping by.

    I just love reading your blog!!!

    I know that this trip must be exhausting for you but you can always count on wine.

    Plus, look at the bright side, you will have tons of material for your blog!!!


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