Giveaways and Contests and Memes! Oh, My!: Are You There Blogger or is This Blog Just Another Marketing Attempt?

Before I begin, I just want to clarify that I do not even know what a meme is but I was going for "Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!" from The Wizard of Oz and I needed a third blog 'thing' to include in the title.

I've been hard a work to try and build a following for this blog. I have signed up on almost every website imaginable and have been whoring out my blog like a prostitute on the Sunset Strip. I understand if most of the people listed as followers never come back here again. I hate to admit that I too am listed as a follower to several blogs that I intend to never read. My better judgement said 'don't do it' but the greedy blogger in me wanted more followers.

I have found plenty of blogs that I enjoy reading. They have even inspired me as I find my blogging style. I am still green when it was to the blogging world (I'm sure there is a better term. I don't know what it is!).

But the majority I have encountered are completely dedicated to Giveaways and Contests! I love free crap just as much as anyone. I have tried to score a few items myself! I am not saying don't do it... If I see something I want and someone is giving it away you better believe I am going to do everything I can to try to get it!

But how about some content ladies? I'm interested in what you have to say believe it or not. I would be much more inclined to read your blog on a regular basis, and therefore participate in more of your giveaways and contests, if you had a voice.

I'd love to giveaway some free crap to my followers! Not because it will bring more traffic to my site but because I genuinely like them, especially those that comment on my posts (and not just because you commented but because you actually had something to say!).

WannabeWAHM update: I am still hard at work trying to launch my own business. Don't think I've forgotten the reason why this blog was created in the first place. More info in a future post.


  1. I TOTALLY agree with you. Sometimes I myself get caught up in just doing the Not Me! Mondays and the (NOT) Wordless Wednesdays. Sometimes I am just so busy that I do not have the time to blog. I DO read my blogs on my blogroll. And I comment. A LOT sometimes. But, as for writing my own blog...I get caught up and forget to do it. And then you get long posts like what I wrote last night filling you in on all the crap I should have been posting small posts on. And I get caught up in Twitter. I love Twitter. I think I am addicted.

    PS - My little word verification thingie is FLUXHO - how funny is that?!?!

  2. I was just saying the EXACT SAME THING to someone yesterday, about there being so many blogs out there that are devoted 100% to contests with a bazillion followers, while I keep on plugging away trying to build a following from the ground up with only the occasional giveaway thrown in here and there. Although I've gotta say sometimes it is tempting to "sell out" LOL

    Anyhoo, stopping by from SITS to say "welcome" :D Oh, and I'm going to follow you even if I never read any posts - kidding!

  3. I love your honesty....
    I am excited to see read what your future thoughts are.

    PS- I couldn't have said it better myself... seriously =)

  4. I like your style. And I like free crap. And I love your phrase "have been whoring out my blog like a prostitute on the Sunset Strip."

    That should go somewhere in your profile. Like, "{your name}, whoring out her blog like a prostitute on the Sunset Strip." LOL ;o)

    Welcome to the SITS community!

  5. I'm right there with you on the whole followers thing as well as getting traffic etc. It's a fine line to walk I guess. Just over from SITS to say hi & welcome you aboard. Have a great week.

  6. You guys! I am so excited!
    I was terrified that a billion angry bloggers were going to leave nasty messages on my post. I have read terrifying things about angry bloggers and their feuds!

    But I guess we're all blog whores at heart who love free crap! I just entered a giveaway for some toys, I hope I win!

  7. hey, thank u for following me. im following u back :) had to search for your link in google, since your link wont show up.

    i love free crap, too. who doesnt anyway? lol

  8. I love free crap too! I love your blog more though! You're doing great!

  9. Welcome to SITS! I like followers and awards and tons of comments, but that comes with a lot of responsibility and I just don't have the energy to post interesting content everyday.
    I'd rather post when I want to and not feel any pressure when I can't/ don't feel like it.
    I've seen tons of bloggers apologize profusely to their readers when life happens. They feel all guilty and are totally stressed out about not posting.
    Also, I've seen bloggers whore out their blogs and gets tons of followers and comments and then two months later they are out of blog vogue.
    Anywhoo, your blog layout is adorable and I am looking forward to what you do with it. We are kind of in a similar situation because I am trying to get my business started too!

  10. Come now, I won't judge you for a little whoring.

    Recently, I came across a blog that was all giveaways. I didn't get it. I kept trying to find actual content, but finally gave up.

  11. Great post, visiting from SITS. Very thoughtful, and I don't look at my blog as a commercial enterprise, more like a get together. I enter the occasional giveaway, but this is my online journal and playground. I have had two giveaways of things I purchased, not sponsored. To each her own, whatever works.

  12. I so agree with you. I am freshly new to this whol blogging thing and want to read funny stories and learn about other people and their lives vice versa, but come one. I think people do it to get hits on their blog so they themselves can get paid for advertising on their site.

    I usually only read and stick to the genuine blogs about life. Half the stuff i see given away I can get on my own or don't really need anyway.

    Don't give me wrong if someone does a giveaway for a good cause or somethign like that I'll participate, but mostly i'm here in the blog world to explore life and it's lessons and to be honest, read about people who are more screwed up then me. It just makes me feel better. lol

    Found you on SITS btw. I really enjoy your blog I'm going to read some more.

  13. I'm new as well and can very much relate. It is a little annoying to go to a blog page and search through the ads for the blog. I suppose it's a fine line as most of these are work at home moms but I like good content as well? In any case, I like your design and layout, very nice!

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