Blog Awards: My First Ever

Earlier this month I was awarded not one, but TWO, blog awards by the lovely Pink Notes Diary.

Thank you so much for the awards!!! I am so excited.

Now that Pink Notes has popped my blogger cherry it is time to pay it forward.

Pink Notes awarded me her very own I Love This Blog Award.

She also awarded me The Best Follower Award.

There are a few of you out there that actually read my blog. And some of you actually comment! Today we celebrate you, my blogger friends! So grab the champagne and let's get hammered 'cause you deserve it!
The Best Follower Awards go to:
- Unknown Mami from Unknown Mami
- Charisse from My Ramblings
- Debbie from Suburban Sanity
- vcoppes from enV by Vanessa Coppes
* You probably know this but just in case, apparently you are suppossed to write a blog post about this award, link to the blogger that gave you the award on your post and then pay it forward!


  1. Awww...thank you. I actually laughed out loud - for one of the few times this weekend. I do wish the song had been a little more clear and noted that "these days" would come in rapid succession. But, I made it through. The boyfriend spent all Saturday morning (after getting ready for work and before leaving for work) talking with me and apologizing and promising. Saturday evening he spent with me at dinner and then we went to bed at 8:30. To sleep. Seriously. And Sunday we spent the day together. The coworker was mean throughout, but decided not to come to work M-W this week which works out because I will not be at work Thurs or Fri.

    Love your blog - thats why I come her. You crack me up. And I, too, am a wannabeworkathomemommy. :-)

    *raises (very very large alcoholic mixed drink) glass and cheers you*

  2. I love this blog! I'm following you :) You may find my blog: useful in your quest. I look forward to reading more!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Mama's Empty Pockets and following. I am already a follower of your lovely blog :)

  4. It's nice to get an award. Congrats!

    I read your blog but not often as I would like because I have these two kids I need to take care of (know of any good boarding schools for toddlers?) And I work. And I like to drink.....

    I could go on and on. But you wouldn't want me to.

  5. CONGRATS ON YOUR AWARDS! I absolutely love your page design. Who did it? I'm looking for some cool and artsy designs for my page bc I'm getting bored w/ the one I have and I need to be more attractive for my followers! Thanks for the follow. I'm following you know and I grabbed your button!

  6. Thank you for thinking of me and passing this along! What a nice compliment.
    I love making new friends through blogging and I'm glad I can count you as one:)

  7. To my blog award recipients: You girls rock! I hope you girls will keep stopping by. I love reading your comments and I enjoy your blogs.

    Amanda: I get it! I work too... But I only have one and I am really slackin' at work recently so I can keep up on my blog reading!

    sharee: Thank you for your comment. I actually design my blog myself! Thanks for grabbing my button!

  8. Congrats! Your blog is great! :)

  9. I gave you a blog award too - One Lovely Blog award. Come by and claim it =) !!


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