From SAHM to WAHM: This Blog has Changed...

Wanna Be Stay At Home Mommy has become Wanna Be Work at Home Mommy!

I realized earlier today that being a stay at home mom and being a work at home mom are different things. Both require infinite patience, a lot of work, and multitasking. However, at least or me, being a stay @ home mom means that mommy is not bringing in any income.

My family is one of MANY in America that needs two incomes to sustain itself. Therefore, Wanna Be SAHM is now Wanna Be WAHM (something else I learned in the past 2 days!) !!!


  1. Oh yes! How true it is! Even if you are working @ home, you still need to feed the baby, clean the house, make dinner, change diapers, do laundry, walk the dogs, work out, work on your business and still manage to be in one piece by the time your hubby comes home... to then serve dinner, do the dishes, give the baby a bath, put the baby to bed and maybe unwind with your husband for a lil' .... wow! Did I get it all? Oh yes... shower too!

    So even if you decide to work from home it's still a load having to take care of the baby and the house as well; and I only have 1 child.

    From my experience, I can tell you this... coming to terms with the fact that you are @ home now takes time, even if you decide to work from home. It takes patience, yes... plenty of it and humility knowing that just being a mom and being there for your child is the best decision you've made for him/her.

    I've realized through my journey that I am human not Superwoman. That it's Ok if the bed isn't made one day a week, or that there's a dirty cup in the sink.

    What you do need the most is support, especially from your partner... but also places like these where you can find other moms to relate to.

  2. You make it sound easy Vanessa! It's a lot of work but having those babies in our lives is the greatest gift! Support is necessary but you have to be willing and able to accept it.

    I am glad to hear that you have realized that you are not Superwoman. I have not come to terms with that notion yet. I still think I can do it ALL, even though it has become quite obvious (and stressful) that I can not!


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