Things I've Learned in the Last 2 days!

1.- I'm an idiot! Well, at least when it comes to blogging and this whole Internet community thing... What the hell are buttons? How do I add them to the blog? How can I make my own button? How do I get people to follow my blog? I managed to figure out the first 2, I will get back to you when I get info on the second 2.

2.- There are over a million mom bloggers out there. Well, that is not an exact figure but I am shocked and amazed by how many moms are on the Internet: ranting, sharing recipes, making friends, giving tips, etc. I love it!!! I feel like I can make 10 new friends each day without having to leave my desk.

3.- I don't now what to write about on my blog. I am clueless! I sort of had an idea about what I wanted to write about but I don't know where to begin.

4.- I love to procrastinate. I guess that one doesn't really count. I have always know that!!! I think I just keep proving it to myself everyday :) I procrastinate @ work, @ home with the chores, @ school with my readings. I always leave things for the last minute and then I am losing my mind. I thrive under pressure!!!

5.- SAHM is short for stay at home mom!!! I wish I had known that before. That would have made my URL so much shorter! I funniest part is how I discovered it... I was creating a Twitter account and I had to come up with a display name. Wannabestayathomemommy was too long so I decided to make it Wannabesahm [first letter of each work - What a genius I am :) !!!]. I Googled SAHM to make sure it was not something offensive (re-enforcing #1 on this list) and that's when I learned that I was not the first to come up with this!!!

I will leave it at that. I think 5 new things in 2 days is much more than an average week. My brain my not be able to take all this info at once!


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