Reasons to Work at Home: The Commute

The prospect of being able to wake up in the morning and stumbling to work in the room next door in my jammies with my baby in tow is quite appealing.

For most of us moms working outside the home, our commute is not around the corner. I travel about 45 minutes on the subway to get to work everyday (if you don't know already, I live in NY). That means an additional hour and a half that I do not spend with my daughter. And I consider myself one of the lucky ones! If I found myself stuck in bumper to bumper traffic trying to get home to see my baby I would go postal!!!

But the actual commute time is not the worst part and now they are going to be increasing fares! I just can't wait to pay more money to never be able to get anywhere in time, having to stand for most of my trip and listening to horrible music as played by the "subway entertainers" (don't get me wrong, there a some quite talented individuals on the subway, but unfortunately not the majority... I love Mariachi as much as the next person but I prefer mine with tequila!!!) to name a few.

Do any of you have any commuting horror stories you would like to share? If you are a work at home mom now but have a story to share from before the baby, feel free...


  1. I work outside the home one or two days a week and I also work from home. I have to say both have their upsides and downsides. But I prefer working from home by far.

  2. Thanks for the post Unknown Mami


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