My Passion - Diaper Cakes!!!

As I was planning 2 Baby showers for myself  last year, budgeting was an issue. I saw beautiful diaper cakes being advertised in a magazine but I could NOT believe the prices!!! With my mind swirling around the cost of diapers and college, I could not conceive of spending that amount of money on a diaper cake. I decided to make my own. I consider myself to be good with my hands and I REALLY wanted a diaper cake. I ended up making 3! I used them as center pieces at both showers and no one could believe I had made them! 

I will be uploading instructions soon on how to make your own. I am currently making an especially fun one to gift to a friend that will be having a baby soon. I will post pictures when I am done. 


  1. Yeah! They are expensive if you order them! But much cheaper and FUN to do if you do it yourself. I have planned two baby showers so far and in both, the diaper cake was a hit! I love yours! Looks amazing!

  2. Thank you so much for the compliment and for stopping by my blog!

    They are super fun to make.

    Please send me pic of yours!


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