Babysitter Abandonment

I have a wonderful older woman who takes care of Sophia when I am @ work and neither my mother or my husband can do it. She give me peace of mind. I can go off to work and do not even have to worry about calling because I know she is well taken care of. In the mornings Sophia just waves goodbye @ the door like I am just going to take the trash out!


Last week, Tia Maria (Aunt Maria), as we call her, gives me the WONDERFUL (insert sarcasm here) news that she will be moving to her country of origin at the end of September! WHAT?!?! I lost it! I offered her more money, I told her she couldn't leave until Sophia was 2 years old, I told her she could move in with me (even though I don't have the space I am willing to give up my side of the bed if necessary, my hubby will just have to adjust!).

Unfortunately, sharing a bed with my hubby was not an attractive enough offer to get her to change her mind! Today, she suggested I start my own business. Well that's what I am trying to do but that is not going to happen over night and I need her!

Am I supposed to take this as a sign that I should be putting more effort into my home business? Is the Universe conspiring to make it happen for me even faster than I had planned? Do you believe in fate?


  1. You gave birth... you can do ANYTHING. no worries doll. ;) WHAT A SWEETHEART YOU R for putting my silly button on your page! :) if you had a button, I would add yours to mine. :)

    Let me know when you get around to getting one.
    Toodles and don't worry. It will work out. ;)

  2. Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  3. Thank you for the support!!! You're the best.


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