enV by Vanessa Coppes: New Mom Owned Business Launched

enV by Vanessa Coppes has just launched it's website.

Vanessa Coppes is the designer and stay at home mom behind this new business. To keep her sanity after having her baby, Vanessa set out to design jewelry. After a small jewelry party to introduce her products to friends and family, business quickly picked up and she recently launched her website.

Fashionable and affordable accessories for all designed with passion and made with quality products.

Custom pieces available.

Visit enV by Vanessa Coppes today!


  1. Love it! Thank you for the support!

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog from MBC! ;0)
    Your blog is very cute. I have been a freelance writer/WAHM for about 12 years. It has it's challenges, but I wouldn't trade the flexibility.

    Sophia is adorable.

    I'll check out the jewelry site. I'm hoping my daughter and I can take some jewelry making classes this summer.

  3. Melinda, thanks for stopping by.

    You and your daughter should definately take jewelry making classes together! It is so much fun! I actually to a few classes with my mom and we had a wonderful time...


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