I Don't Get Paid Enough for This: Busy day @ work...

After a few days of consistent blogging, I couldn't blog today because things @ work were CRAZY!!! I had a LOT of work to do and papers to get organized for a big meeting this afternoon with my boss and a client.

Things went well and I got a little pat on the back from my boss. Just a tiny one... I bust my butt to get things done well and on time and all I get is "Good Job"! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! I am not working there just for the fun of it! I have DIAPERS to buy & BILLS to pay. I would much rather be home, in my pj's, with my baby!

Apparently I am supposed to feel grateful that I have a job that pays me nothing! Don't get me wrong, I like my job, I actually like my boss (he is a little crazy but who's boss isn't?) and I appreciate all the flexibility that he gives me with my schedule... But work is work!!! Everyone expects to be compensated for their work. At this point I think that collecting unemployment and my salary would be about the same (after you subtract babysitter salary and transportation)!

Thanks for listening (reading)!!!

Just another reason why I need to get serious about this blog!!!


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